Question about Snow

I have a question about snow.

Are the snowy areas or only those that are snowing?
If snowy areas should appear, it doesn’t work very well. In the Madrid ski resort it is summer … it does not appear with snow. It only has 1 meter of snow currently and in fs2020 it’s summer…
Can it be reported or does it work like that?


I think your question is, “Should we expect snow on the ground in the sim with Live Weather turned on if there is snow on the ground in real life?” If that is your question, then the answer is yes.
I know that this is not happening in some places, including Madrid, as you mentioned. You may want to cast a vote for the bug report on no snow here:

Also, you may want to file a Zendesk report. I filed one where I live because there was supposed to be snow on the ground and there wasn’t.

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