Question about the "Cloud"?

Hi there, I was wondering if it is safe to delete files from the " Cloud"? or is it a NO NO?
Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

There is no issue deleting it, but there are side affects.

You may need to reset your cloud save to fix a variety of issues caused by corrupted saves or profiles. Try deleting your cloud save if you are stuck on the loading screen or crashing after clicking “Play”. You can also reset the logbook to 0 hours if you want to start your game over from scratch.

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Does resetting logbook hours also remove stored controller profiles and other sim settings? I saw a solution here but was tempting to try it out.

I wasn’t aware resetting your cloud data allowed the choice of logbook and/or profiles, but thought it would wipe both.

The logbook can be preserved with a tool called Flightlog Analyser.

Thanks, I was aware of that solution but wasn’t sure I’d like to pay for the Pro version to edit my logbook. I’m getting so annoyed of those 0 hr entries and would rather start over again :upside_down_face:

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Hi there, I should have asked this along time ago but where can I find the “Cloud” and what files can I delete safely, as I would like to reset my logbook? Also would it reset all your accomplishments also? Any help and info would be greatly appreciated. TIA

Hi @TheTwister7156,
The “Cloud” is a generic term for data stored on servers out on the Internet.
W.r.t. resetting the MSFS logbook, this article explains how to do it:
How to delete Cloud Gaming save to fix some loading issues or reset the logbook – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

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