Question about the Drone

i want to set up the Drohne on the Beginning of the Runway and then the Drohne
should follow, keep the focus on my Airplane landing.

Is that possible?
If yes … how ?


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Hi Matthias,
I don’t know if that is possible, but someone else can weigh in if I am wrong about that.
You may be able to do something like that after you’ve landed using the replay feature.

So you want to set your drone at the end of the runway and watch your departure? Yes this is possible…

When in the Drone camera menu, unselect follow aircraft. I’m unable to check this right now though ( I should be working instead of reading the forums), but that should be how its done.


yes, then the drohne stays at his position, but how can the focus stay at the aircraft when passing the drohne position ?
That means, i want the Aircraft always in the middle of the Screen…you know what i mean ?


Not 100% certain, but I believe you have to pan it manually….

hmm…too bad…

while not strictly a solution something you can do is use this flight recorder which will record your flight and allow you to replay any portion of it , using this together with drone cam is great for getting video or pics or even analysing your landings/take offs. i even use it in case i crash so i can get my aircraft back to where it was

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Thanks a lot, i have it still installed.
Thats the reason i ask.

I want to set the Camera at the Beginning of the Runway, then Playback the Landing and
the Camery should keep the Focus always in the middle of the Screen.

Thats what i want to do.
BUt i am looking for how to keep the Aircraft in the Focus automatically not manually because it would look better. Manually it works, but is sometimes not so “fluent” like it the Camera follow automatically.


Ahhhh i see well you could try “follow” disabled “lock” enabled on the showcase tab but when i tried it just now it did follow but not great i usually use manual but turn sensitivities down ( i use an xbox controller just for drone cam)

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Ok, will give it a try.
BUt first i think i will buy such a X-Box controller ( sitting in a Homecockpit :slight_smile: )

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