Question for future update

I’m a bit disappointed with how the update installs, when I installed the sim, I only installed content I wanted. Before the update I only had the A320 (with the FBW mod) and the CJ4 (with the WT mod) installed, all other planes were uninstalled, I had no ASOBO hand crafted airports installed because I prefer payware airports, and I have all landing challenges/bush trips/flying lesson uninstalled because I have no use for them and want to save hard drive space with everything uninstalled.

I set the update going overnight and was surprised to see a 46GB update, I initially thought the UK and Ireland bits take that much space, when I loaded the sim this morning everything was installed again and now I have to delete everything again

I know Asobo has to update everything for people who use the other planes, activities etc but is there a way in future I can just install the updates for the bits I want, or am I going to have to delete what I don’t want everytime?

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