Question for XBOX - Community folder?

Does the xbox have a community folder or a way to add scenery/aircraft/add-ons etc. like the PC does?

No. It doesn’t have that option. Being a heavily policed closed system everything needs to come through the Marketplace.

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I wonder how folks on xbox deal with patches that are not compatible with marketplace updates.

What do you mean by this? Example?

Basically, we don’t get any patches to anything other than through the official Xbox update process (such as for the sim itself) or via the Marketplace/Content Manager.

Which, as it stands, is frustrating given how long it takes to get a Marketplace product update through the Xbox Cert. process.

For content, you basically mange it in game with your “content” panel/folder.
I find the update process much more simple and user friendly on Xbox , but very slow for content updates. It’s a give and take for stability/security of the platform.

It was mentioned that they are working on a free community content area. So we have that to look forward to some time in the future.
I would love them to implement a paint kit, kinda like they have in forza. But that might be a dream.

On the PC you are given a “community” folder that you can copy 3rd party add-ons and utilities into that the sim will detect and integrate with. I was wondering if there was an equivalent feature on the XBOX version of the sim. But you already answered my question :slight_smile:

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