Question on live traffic

i dont understand why it is generating small prop planes for major airlines?

so an example : was at glasgow airport and ATC gave easy jet permission to take off and when i looked it was a single prop plane? is this a bug ?

i have have seen many prop planes showing up as major airlines …


I believe small planes do actually take-off and land from large international airports all the time. If you’d prefer to see less general aviation traffic you can decrease it by going to Settings > General > Traffic > AI General Aviation Traffic Density.

Ai is generally broken: and substitutes airlines with small planes. Hopefully it will get fixed!

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The presence of GA wasn’t his complaint, it was the substitution of what should be a jet with a GA aircraft which must be a bug.


Makes you wonder what the testers were doing all this time! I mean didn’t they notice something as fundamental as this?! Ryanair are operating small twin props out of Dublin according to my sim!

Testers provided plenty of feedback but it was up to the team to prioritize the feedback and address the issues.

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Ok, thanks, I hope they get it sorted soon!

Maybe this issue did not occur during testing; the version released is not necessarily identical to the last version tested. Perhaps there is even a link between the problem the much higher number of people using the sim.

I’m suppose I’m just old fashioned, when I pay full price for something I expect it to work as advertised.

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Not disputing that, but unfortunately we do not know if any problems may have been introduced between the last version tested and the commercially released version. Or if other factors like a massive surge in users has revealed a bug that would not have been triggered with far fewer users.

When you look at how Asobo are tackling issues though it is encouraging that they appear to be addressing them with a sense of priority. All will be fixed in time.


I thought EasyJet grounded its whole fleet back in March, due to Covid, so maybe they’ve downsized in the meantime? :smiley:

But seriously, there are 2 possibilities. 1) you were looking in the wrong place and saw a legit GA plane properly represented, or 2) you were looking in the right place and the game screwed up and used the GA “Moonanza/Bonooney” generic model instead of an airliner. The game has both 2-engined and 4-engined “Boebus/Aireing” generic models so should have used one of them in the latter case.

So, if you’re sure you were looking in the right place, go tell Zendesk that the game used the wrong model.

Yes, I do agree, and you have put across a point well made. I do hope they address it - along with the weather problems, the live traffic is the next big issue for me. All the best.

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