Question on World Updates

I just noticed there was a world update for the US when I was in my profile. After I installed it I noticed a suspension bridge that was missing on a flight this morning appeared in the sim.

I’ve only had MSFS for a few weeks now. Was I missing this pack as an add on or are they regularly updated?

World update are typically released every couple of months and focus on a specific region. They are usually always download from within the sim separately.

Ah, I actually see the bridge as a new item on the world map. It’s crazy I flew there this morning to look for it, only to pull an update just after.

Also noticed they added Kennedy Space Center but only the park. They didn’t add any of the facility’s landmarks (launch pads, VAB, etc.).

Is that to not step on the community content that has already been made?

Possibly, but they can’t do everything. Typically they pick a few items in a given area and do those. A lot of significant areas of landmarks are added, but particularly when you consider somewhere the size of the US it’s just a few in the great scheme of things. Some items get picked up by photogrammetry when those areas are updated in bing maps, and that will save them from modelling.

The aquilasim nasa content for KSC is quite good. It’s a must if you every fly there.

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