Question plz Guys A320 Nx dev. Decent speed

Hi All, i must say my confident in the Developers version A320 NX, im thinking time to rejoin Vatsim as i did 18yrs ago. Question the on board Ipad after SYNC MY HEIGHT AND SPEED, gives me a top of decent distant to decend, At what ft per min, should i use, as there is no small tag on flt plan, like iv use on x plane, is that norm for Airbus.
Thank you

It is not normal for Airbus. The fully managed descent functionality has not yet been fully implemented, hence the need to calculate your own TOD, and rate required. If you are following a STAR, the required rate may need to be adjusted between waypoints to meet specific crossing restrictions.

This value isn’t on the flight plan IRL either.
Jets usually descend at idle thrust. The vertical speed depends on the IAS during the idle descent.

If you follow the ATC you shouldn’t have any problems apart from getting down to transition level or approach too early but if you want to do it yourself, sync your height, set your desired alt that you want to be at when starting your approach at the arrival airport, check how far you are from the arrival airport and set your flypad to that distance and lastly set your flypad to show the descent profile in ft/min which you can follow in open descent to arrive at the desired alt at the airport. If you do it right it works a charm. Needless to say all this is done on the flypad.

Edit: Be sure to set your approach speed(Vapp) in your mcdu destination page as the airbus will automatically go into approach mode and use the default Vapp (which is too low) when crossing the Decel(Pink D) waypoint. Remember those flaps :wink:

Thanks, ididnt know the ipad done all that, as for ATC it never lets me confirm push back, hold at rwy 26L… i cancel IRF as soon as i clear 1,000, and call up on nearest airport, A T C is broke, as far im concerned. Thx for your reply and help ,

No problem. Are you using Azure for atc? For pushbacks I use the toolbar pushback mod, its great.

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