Question regarding flight planning world map screen

I noticed on the departure and arrival it’s usually set on automatic why is that I’m talking about when planning routes for takeoff and landings if the landing route part is set on automatic it sort of makes it hard for me to plan my landings properly what runway to use and my autopilot doesn’t follow the automatically assigned runway for landing I’ve been having to assign it manually on the flight planner world map screen any suggestions thanks

Don’t understand what you are saying.

Automatically assigned runway?
How does it automatically know which runway you want?

If you are flying IFR an approach procedure will be given to you by ATC and you can then program this into your aircraft flight management system. In the G1000 you use the PROC button to enter the approach, You can also ask ATC for an alternative approach such as ILS if they offer VOR DME.

Ok I’ll keep that in mind.

What about for airliners like Boeing and Airbus

I dont fly airliners so cannot help with those. But the same principle would apply.

Does it not give choices when you click on it.

It should give you a drop down menu, setting up for a approach/Runway on the world map flying IFR

I never use the world map i use Simbreif

The trouble with setting up arrival runway on any map beforehand is that you can find on arrival that you are landing on the wrong runway, sometimes in the opposite direction to other traffic. Its better to choose Automatic in the map then program the aircraft flight management system with an actual procedure when given one by ATC. There are tutorials online for most planes in the sim regarding procedures for arrivals and programming.

Of course if you fly with no AI of any kind then the maps fine but otherwise, its better do learn how to do things more accurately if ILS is something that interests a sim pilot in my opinion.

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