Question with my disc install

Hi there,

Back in June, I received the Standard Edition DVD Set as a present. I downloaded all of the content from the 10 discs, and then used the activation on one of my Microsoft accounts (I have 2).

However, my gamertag in game is linked to a different Microsoft account (the one signed into my Xbox app I think), and I used it to buy Premium Deluxe upgrade in Marketplace. Will this cause any conflictions in the future if I need to reinstall or go to a new PC? Everything does work fine as of now though (except for the performance bugs after 3-4 hours!).


As long as you use the same account (Xbox Account) on any future device, you should be fine.

I have a similar situation. My PC is logged into a different MS Account than what I have my MS Store / Xbox logged into.

Alright. I was just concerned because I used my activation code on 1 Microsoft Account, but my gamertag and Premium Deluxe upgrade is linked to another.

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