Questions about settings

Hi there,

I have:
i7-9700 3Ghz 8CPU
2080ti super
32GB ram
HP reverb G2
Updated to latest nvidia driver

Cant get any good settings for my VR configuration…

Game mode= on or off?
Maximized GPU under graphic settings (from game mode) = on or off?
OpenXR: Custom renderscale set to? = %
Motion reprojection? On or off?

In MFS2020 reder scaling at 80% is lagging quite a bit…
Every other settings is set to medoum, volumetric clouds = LOW.
Anti aliasing is set to: FXAA

If you have more or less the same as me please suggest something:)

2070 super
I5 9600
32 gb ram

Game mode off
Hags off

Oxr 60
Motion Reprojection on in simple planes when flying low vfr. Off for IFR

Vr Taa 70 / PC render 200

Graphics mostly high
Clouds always high or ultra as they look great.

Is this in VR?

Yeah. My OXR is actually 65% with the latest preview build on.

Quick flight from egcc to eidw in the fbw320nx this evening.

I even left motion Reprojection enabled as I like it smooth.

Nvidia 471.11


Also depends what and where you fly. I’ve added a screenshot of my settings below. Use this for GA (mostly JF Piper) and occasionally the WT CJ4. Even the DC6 runs okay but usually turn the clouds down to MEDIUM to help. I don’t fly the airliners.

On the game settings, it seems to be the render scaling and the volumetric clouds that are the performance killers. When flying GA, I do sometimes switch up trees to HIGH and grass to MEDIUM … doesn’t actually seem to make much of an impact on performance. I have Game Mode ON and MSFS set for HIGH PERFORMANCE in graphics settings, but not really sure if that made a whole lot of difference. HAGS absolutely definitely OFF.

I did play around with OpenXR settings, but have ended up back with Render scale =100% and reprojection OFF. On the last one, a lot of folks prefer reprojection on; but I found there was too much scenery ‘tearing’ for my liking.

I will typically reboot before starting MSFS and kill everything that I can (I have a recent and pretty ‘clean’ windows installation anyway). Usually have OnAir app running, and sometimes Audible.

One last thing - if you are likely to switch between VR and 2D, I’d suggest turning your MSFS PC graphic settings to LOW … this makes switching between the modes much faster (and I’m pretty sure avoids at least one potential cause of CTD…)

i7 9700 3.6GHz, RTX2080Ti, 64Gb RAM, 471.11 driver, Reverb G2. Typically getting 30-40fps in VR.

Agreed. Airliners and glass take up resources. Roll on the 27th.

When i play without motion projection i use OXR 50-70 and TAA 100. Opposite to you, I also have several other settings higher but my frames are typically lower. I may try your setup. VR is hard to tweak as sometimes changes dont apply unless you Alt+Tab to 2D then back to VR.

When you do swap between 2d and VR the sim has to swap everything back to your 2D settings then back to your VR settings, so all the textures and everything go from low to your VR choice. Lots more CPU work while it rebuilds it all and makes it harder to compare things while stuff is popping back in.

Doesn’t the world look a little…flat… with things like terrain shadows off, reflections off, contact shadows off, texture synth, low?

Like you say, performance depends alot on where and what you fly so im usually tweaking. I find terrain and object LOD to have a big impact but try leave them at 100.

2060 here on a Rift S. I run TAA 80 and 1.1 SS. I find this gives me a good balance between performance, scenery quality, and being able to read screens in the cockpit. I have most graphics options set to Medium, with clouds, trees and glass refresh rate set to High. LoD sliders at 75.

This gives around 30-40fps on my system, depending on what I’m flying. It can get a little choppy during quick manoeuvres or when taxiing at a large airport, but not unbearable. I spend most of my time flying 1000ft+ alt and in straight lines, during which everything is lovely and smooth.

I disagree. As Jonny pointed out, switching between vastly different settings can cause a lot of work for your PC. I’ve got my “PC” graphic settings matching my “VR” settings exactly so that sim doesn’t have to suddenly load different textures and objects whenever I switch. Seems a lot smoother and faster to me, and without the big hiccups.

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I do still set all my 2d settings to low as it helps speed up the transitions but I’ll try mirror the settings and see if it helps.

Most people probably run higher PC settings than VR settings by default, so reducing them to low probably does speed it up relatively speaking. I’ll be interested to hear if you also find it a bit smoother/quicker when you try setting the two presets to the same values. Maybe I’m just imagining things? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes - you’re exactly right. I run PC settings on 4K, mostly ultra; so that’s vastly different form my VR settings. I could match them which as you say - will result in the least work when switching. I just use ‘LOW’ as the nearest, quickest stock setting.

Matching the settings between the two is likely to be optimal. If you’re not as lazy as I am, your suggestion is a better way to set things up :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: If you want to switch between settings frequently, its a pain in the ar$e until we get the option to save configurations…

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