Questions about the Mig 29 flight behaviour and throttle response/sound

Sorry if this hasn’t been posted in the correct subthread:

  • Is there some kind of stabilization system or G-limiter which helps the plane wobble and jiggle less when pitching and rolling?

  • The throttle response feels and sounds exactly the same as the Super Hornet - why is that? I should be able to quickly throttle up and down like the F16, yet the rate of throttle up/down and especially engine sound is exactly the same as the rhino?

  • The plane goes to full AB during takeoff, momentarily coughs back to military power and then back to 100% with ABs on. Is this a bug? I’m simply holding down the throttle button up like with all the other jets.

  • Any change of improving the AB effect? Looks kind of cartoonist from the external/chase cam.