Questions Regarding Ending a Flight

Loving the game so far, but still very new to it. I’ve been doing very short (20-30 minute) flights just to get used to things, but I’m having trouble actually ending the flight properly.

After I land and shut down the aircraft where I think I’m supposed to be, sometimes the flight completion screen comes up and other times it does not. When it does not I have to ESC and quit the flight manually.

Am I doing something wrong, or is it possible I’m in the wrong place thinking I’m in the right place? I just want my flights to complete properly =).


Usually a complete flight should be after you have parked at a ramp /parking space, set the parking brake and shut down the aircraft but atm seems that getting this to show up in your flight log might not be so simple :slight_smile: Sometimes it does and other times it will not show.

It should not matter too much if the end of flight window shows up. So long as you land at an airport, it will show up.

Heck I completed an accidental belly landing in the B78X last night and I still got credit :thinking:


Thanks for the replies.

@Nyx1819 - I do get credit in the flight log even if I have to manually exit the flight, it’s more just a nitpicky thing. Even though I get credit, I want to end the flight exactly right, with the completion screen =). Some of the airports are confusing, and I’m starting to wonder if I may actually be in the wrong place without realizing it. Going to temporarily turn on the taxi guide to make sure I am actually in the right place, see if that’s my problem.

Sounds good. If you see a marshaller at the gate, you have probably done it right :slight_smile:

Evidently the taxi ribbon doesn’t work after landing, or at least it didn’t just now… showed me my way out of the starting airport, but nothing at the destination. I will figure this out lol, eventually.

Not exactly a pilot in real life… kind of starting from scratch. Played the tutorials but they don’t really give you much info on how to successfully navigate the airports.

Mainly sticking to the Cessna 172 because it’s the only plane I actually know anything about, or have any level of real life experience with. At least I know how the controls work, most the other aircraft are very foreign.

Figure once I get this airport thing figured out I’ll broaden my horizons and start figuring out some of the more advanced aircraft.

The taxi ribbon should show up after you request and get clearance to a gate/stand.

I think you have to enable it first in the options in the pilot assistance area? Then you can call it up later?

Thanks all - I’m slowly figuring it out =). Just had two short flights in a row where I hit the right spot and finished the flight successfully. Game just takes a ton of getting used to. Really appreciate the replies and the assistance!


you will not get a flight close after following these procedures when departing an uncontrolled airport with a flight plan.

From my experience, you will only get that “official” ending if you park/gate at an airport in the proper spot. If you just land somewhere randomly and shut down your plane, you won’t get that ending. If you just escape out and close, it will still show up in your logbook. So for me at least, it appears it’s just those proper airport landings when you follow procedures.

I’ve found that if I have an IFR flight plan and shutdown the engines I get the flight completion window popping up. If I fly without a plan and shut the engine down it doesn’t automatically pop up. Either way I get an entry in the logbook.

However, I don’t want the window to pop up automatically. I want to go through my own shutdown routine, ie. once the engine is shutdown switch off all the systems etc, disembark the passengers and so on. When the game automatically ends the flight I have to choose to continue, which kind of breaks ‘the immersion’. When I choose to continue, the game also creates a second entry in the logbook with 00:00 flight time and 0 take-off / 0 landing.

Is there an option to switch off the auto-completion altogether?

Sorry, a bit off topic, but is it possible to belly land a plane without crashing, if crash detection is on, or was it off?


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Until yesterday I thought the same, but I managed to get an “official” ending after a very “unofficial” landing:
I took off in England from Manchester, with an IFR flight plan made on the World Map before the flight. After a while I’ve changed my mind, cancelled the IFR plan (I reported it to the ATC) and I searched the nearest airport.
It happened to be a small grass field. I landed the Bonanza, but I had no idea where should I park because the airport was really only a grassy field. So I’ve just stopped somewhere, shut off the ignition, pulled the throttle and mixture levers back, shut down avionics and battery.
And to my big surprise an “official” flight end come!

Also the very opposite happened many times: landed with taxi ribbons active, parked in the box in front of the marshall waving then crossing its signal “sticks”, shut down the plane: and nothing happened.
Most of the times though even these landings shown up in my flight log.

And there were some rare occasions when the take off didn’t show up in the log, although I made a cold start and of course took off manually with the plane! :slight_smile:

So I still confused what should I’m supposed to do exactly to get “official” flight endings…


I fly with all crash detection options turned on and I can confirm it works. You do have to hit the ground gently, with a slight nose up attitude. If you vertical speed is too high, or your angle of attack to extreme you will get the crash screen.


Not a big fan of the pop up screen. Once you’ve shut down and parked, a little notification saying the flight has been added to my logbook would suffice for me. Sometimes I just want to start back up after creating a different flight plan and fueled up to go.

That’s nice feature, thank’s for telling. :+1: