Quick fix for jittery VR?

I’m not quite sure which section of the VR forums to post this in, but seeing as I’m a complete newcomer to VR, I figured I can’t go wrong with General.

So I just tried out VR for the first time in MSFS (uh…WOW! And…where’s that barf bag?).

Obviously I have a lot of work ahead of me to tweak settings and such, but one glaring issue I have is choppy/jittery panning whenever I move my head. I feel like this is more tied in to a specific setting instead of performance (5600x / 3060 Ti, btw).

Can anyone hopefully shed any light? Thanks!

It took me weeks of fidgeting around with the settings but finally got very good performance. Best thing I can recommend is change your settings to medium and start tweaking. Seems everyone out there has different settings. For me, I have my graphics Preference set to High Performance (GTX1080), Game Mode Off (running Win11), and my current Nvidia driver is 511.23 (haven’t tried 511.65 yet). In Settings, look at Mixed Reality settings and try clearing the Environment Settings. Also, make sure there’s adequate light for proper tracking, My G2 will sart to stutter when the room light levels get low. Here’s my setting, good luck!

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Depends on the VR headset too. Which one do you have ? Does the jitteriness go away on reducing render / resolution settings ? Try switching off Bloom, low size/res shadows and keep graphic settings on high (not ultra as there is not a big difference in graphic quality between the two).

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I use a Reverb G2 Headset and have found the same issue if I launch the Sim before turning the headset power on. When I power up the headset first and then launch the Sim, the problem isn’t apparent.

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Reverb G2, I haven’t been back in yet, but just to rule out performance issues, I plan to crank everything down to the lowest levels and see if the jitters persist. If it does, then I know it’s not in the graphics settings of MSFS but something in WMR (or maybe OpenXR?) likely. (Not Steam because I have the Windows Store version of MSFS).

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