Quick Tour of Deluxe Airports

Here are the custom airports in the deluxe version: KORD, EHAM, LEMD, HECA and FACT.

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Excellent work once again…even more please.
These airports are well done (a few fixes will make then even better) and worth the higher priced product.

Thanks! I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the airports included in the deluxe and premium deluxe packages. Most of them are simply amazing. I think KORD is pretty terrible however. They did a rush job on it- the quality just isn’t there. However, FSdreamteam will be releasing their KORD soon, and it was great in P3D, so I’ll probably buy it right away since Chicago is my home base.

Where’s your home base?

LAX, still waiting to buy MSFS2020 since I’m rebuilding the 4k system with a new processor and related gear plus the RTX3080 if actually available.