Quite Disappointed

Install is a pain, but OK
DVD having to be left in drive, C’mon, forcing me to feel like I can’t wait for crack?
it’s better than 1982, graphically peasing but… (BTW, i did have 82 disquette version on my compaq “sewing machine”)

2020, lots missing, even with options to the max…

i.e. OK my house is not that realistic, but I can live with that, not important

but when a huge XV century basilica in my town of St Nicolas de Port is missing… Mmm…

A huge 150m antenna next to airfield in Malzeville near Nancy france is missing… what gives? It’s on ALL aviation maps!

Also all high power lines are missing…

The way my logitech joystcick is default configured is ridiculous, it used to be OK in previous versions…

So… not too bad but needs lots of improvments, lots!
I’ve only scratched the surface so far…

no chopper at all?

PS I also went flying around ntaa, I lived Tahiti 15 years… definitely needs improvment… where are the trademark beautiful lagoons? This has been a bit of a rush job. Papeete harbor was not as graphically pleasing but more accurate in previous versions… not right.

my French comment, basically the same…

bon l’instalation est galère et les updates et teléchargements… bon passons
mais le résultat est pas bon.
Alors oui c’est mieux qu’en 1982 mais… et c’est vrai que graphiquement c’est pas mal mais…
il manque plein de choses…
exemple, les églises, par ex basilique St Nicolas de Port pourtant pas petite, les lignes haute tension, les grosses antennes, par ex l’antenne de 150m du plateau de Malzéville à Nancy, ce qui n’est pas rien, même avec les options au max… C’est où tout ça?
Et puis il faudra attendre le crack pour ne pas avoir le disque dans la dvd drive tout le temps, c’est chia…
donc du microsoft pur jus, pas mal mais peut mieux faire.

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First of all, not many people are still using disks, so it’s important to remember that despite the flaws of using the boxed version (DVD being in drive etc.), you’ve got to be thankful they even gave you the option alltogether.

No simulator can claim to be 100% realistic when it comes to the scenery, you can’t fully recreate earth without some hiccups here and there, but considering what they’re working with (BING), the results are already amazing, plus they already announced they would be regular scenary updates in the coming months.

The choppers are said to be coming in at a later date btw.

There are thousands of antennas, churches, bridges, windmills, water towers, waterfalls, etc. around the world. How do you imagine they will integrate them all in the sim? The idea is that the world is recognisable which has been impossible until now. Maybe we should just be happy what they achieved. It’s never enough for some people it seems.

That’s the difference between a game and a simulator.

Flying is ultra fun but also dead serious business, any real pilot will tell you.

There are free flight simulators out there that use aero maps and reflect all these objects, albeit perhaps less artitically that FS2020

perhaps they will work on it

read the forums… those not using the disk version are living an installation nightmare.

Whereas it does start and work on the disk version.

AArgh… microsoft… see for those of us around since quite a bit we do put things in perspective, some of us remember history and we do know the history of DOS 1.1 being reverse engineered (a eupemism) from cpm/86… look it up. But when you have (many) better lawyers, sometime even the bad guys win.

above “less atistically than” and “euphemism”…

Ok a good thing… I can see the developpers were Europeans (French even) and i do like this departure from yankee ethnocentrism (cool it, I hols several passports, even a US one)

one thing that would be WONDERFULL…

ATC with different English phraseology differences in different areas (it’s one of my areas of expertise, used to be) I know controllers and airline pikots would totally love it, worldwide. I mean FS pushes the realism to VHF reception differences depending on distance and weather (Wow!) keep going, I just put an idea in your suggestion box.

The sim may be a little off on graphics but light years ahead of everyone else in looks. X-plane sat on their behinds for years when they had the opportunity to improve their ground textures and now all of a sudden they are trying to improve. X-plane know they have a sim that works better than MSFS2020 but looks nowhere good as MSFS2020.

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agreed totally

Fixing the sim related issues is way easier than overhauling the graphics and looks. You can tweak features and add them but a bad looking sim will always look bad if you don’t have a modern / capable graphics engine.

Making something better is very hard when you only have a couple of developers.