Quiz: Name the flight sim!

Our third flight sim related quiz… Name the flight sim :slight_smile:


Let us know how you get on and be sure to post you scores here!


Sorry I wasn’t very clear above!

It’s a there are 10 screenshots & you guess the flight sim them came from quiz :blush:

Oh dear, 5/10!

I just can’t tell P3D from FSX. Got every one of those the wrong way round. But I was redeemed a bit when the old-school simulators started popping up.

I like this as a concept. It would have been nice to see some more 8- and 16-bit sims in there (Gunship, Birds Of Prey etc.) as well as legacy PC titles (Flight Unlimited II, Fly!).

Also 5/10. Telling FSX vs P3D was the hardest bit for me as well.
That first XP screenshot reminded me that they really should do something about the „smoothness“ of mountains in MSFS. The visuals are so far ahead in general, but mountains, especially when rocky and jagged, just don‘t look very realistic yet.

Well done @JackSchittUK and @Shack952514 - the quiz is harder than you would think :slight_smile:

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Good idea!

For now if you want to go old school, then try this DOS games screenshot challenge

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10/10 correct points

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7 out of 10. But one correct answer I just guessed.

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3 out of 10 … I’m ashamed :pensive:

Wow, well done @TechyShelf77403 :slight_smile: and good score @anon78924413

As I said before @Ixoye56 it’s not easy…


FWIW 35/50 on the DOS quiz, of which many of the wrong answers were – embarrassingly – the flight games. Oh well, at least I got all of the space games right.

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3/10 dunce hat in the corner for me…nothing changes from childhood lol

@JWATTS0275 Don’t be hard on yourself… you can fly now!

@JackSchittUK 35 is a good score!


Thanks for the fun quiz :grin:

@HeatingBee7081 Good score!

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