QW787 for the Marketplace?

Hi, I know that the Qualitywings 787 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but does anyone think it will come to the marketplace? Thanks.

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I would be extremely surprised if it doesn’t.
It may be available sooner though, if purchased directly from Qualitywings

Ok, thanks for the reply, hopefully it comes to the marketplace shortly after release.

I would suggest that both QW and PMDG will not come near MSFS until the platform is more stable and the problems with the Joysticks sensitivity and other problems have been addressed.

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That could be.
However, if you look at the aircraft mods like the Logitude, the A320 etc,
All of these fly very well in the sim now, and are getting better almost daily.
Since they work OK, then QW and PMDG certainly can.
I don’t think it’s a sim issue as much as a default autopilot issue.

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I agree, the aircraft mods are getting close to study level soon, so QW787 should release as expected in Q2 2021.

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Except that, at least in the case of PMDG, the way they program their flight models and systems has in the past been very different from the way the default aircraft are created. So, just because one source has been able to wrangle MSFS into working, does not equate to the system being ready for a PMDG offering. I don’t know anything about QualityWings.

I don’t know where Asobo stands on allowing developers to run code outside of the sandbox; If and when that might happen.

I don’t know where PMDG stands in how they want their system to work. It’s possible they will change their development strategy and completely change the way they create. Not super likely, though.

Right now, that knowledge of those issues lies with Asobo and PMDG, who have been in discussions.

ASOBO wants third party developers.
They have made that very clear.
As you have mentioned, they are indeed working close with several of them.

My thoughts are, if other developers are able to make an addon that works well, there must be a way.
If so, good developers like PMDG will certainly also know how.

ASOBO cannot stop someone from making their own code.
They can only prevent someone from using MSFS code in that product.

Well, that’s the point I was making. Yes they can stop someone from using programs that work outside of MSFS and pass information too MSFS. That feature is not currently enabled. I don’t know If and When it will be. I think it’s very likely they will eventually.

Without that, PMDG will be forced to work within the limits of what values are available from the sim, which is not currently enough to get done what they do.

For instance, there is currently no access to many of the buttons and information from the G1000 etc. If that’s not what’s coming (variable and button access) in SimUpdate 3, Asobo has said it will be coming. PMDG also programmed their own flight model I believe. I could be wrong there. But I think you get the idea?

I’m generalizing here about the issues. The point of my post was only that it’s not necessarily true that just because the Longitude is being upgraded, that PMDG has the tools it needs to do what they want to do.

And that would not be the reason for them to stay clear. What a very silly reason. The sim has no sensivity issues. Maybe on your end or you need to tweak your stuff. I would understand the state of the SDK

Thanks for the info, I think I understand you.
My apologies, as I guess I wasn’t too clear in my opening post.
I was referring to a comment

I meant, in the first post, to mean that joystick sensitivity and stability, etc., was not going to be an issue for developers, because modders like the Logitude, and the A320 groups already have corrected it.

In the second, when I said there must be a way, I was still thinking in terms of the original post,
and in terms of the Quality Wings aircraft.
and then I completely misunderstood your term “outside of the sandbox”
I believed it to mean that if I did use my own code to create an MSFS aircraft, ASOBO would be able to prevent me from using it in the sim.
I was trying to say that wasn’t so! :upside_down_face:

Again, thanks for the info!
Even though I was aware that there were SDK limitations to making a “PMDG” type aircraft, I didn’t really understand what all that involved.
It is really appreciated. :+1: