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Welcome to Race Around the World

I’m Twitch Partner SteelRain27 and I am putting together some events leading up to a 20k+ NM Race Around the World. Feel free to check out the website for some of the general overview of the event and its broad stroke rules.

I am looking for PILOTS and ATC/JUDGES who would be interested in participating in the big event and the smaller lead up events.

RACE AROUND THE WORLD is an event taking place in the new MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2020. Pilots will race round trip from and to San Diego, California heading east. The race is broken up into stages with points being awarded for completing each stage. The pilot to complete the trip with the most stage points wins. Typically there will be 1 or 2 stages a week until the race is done. More info to come when the dates are announced.

If you are interested feel free to send me a message, reply to the thread or hop over to the website and leave a message there if you are worried about being lost in the shuffle. Let me know what you are interested in doing participation wise. Not everyone will be selected in case interest is high. Our first events we wish to go smoothly and scale up from there.


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Hi, sounds great. What are the aircraft models to choose from?

For this R.A.W. the three aircraft are:
Grand Caravan