Race Friends | Round 13 | Lake Skipper | Venice Grand Canal

Race Friends is a bi-weekly celebration of Got Friends amazing aircraft. At each event we will fly a different Got Friends aircraft, with locations picked and designed to suit the abilities and theme of each one and to promote close group racing.

Round 13: Lake Skipper
Grand Canal Race, Venice, Italy

DATE & TIME: Sunday 19th November 2023 at 16:00 UTC
AIRCRAFT: Lake Skipper
LOCATION: Grand Canal, Venice (ICAO = LIV1)
SERVER: South East Asia
REQUIRED: Any Default Livery
MODS REQUIRED: Venice Grand Canal Race | Venice, Italy for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

This is a track I have designed SPECIFICALLY for this event. Hot off the press!

NOTE: If you have the Xbox Legacy Collection, you. can still join us! The course is not hard to follow without the mod. You can get the idea from the map above but it’s just for a bit of fun so feel free to come along!

Race down the famous twisty Grand Canal in the heart of Venice, Italy. Hop over the main bridges including the landmark Rialto Bridge. They are kind of solid so please don’t try and go underneath!

It’s a crazy high-speed dash up and down the Grand Canal, meaning you will meet other racers coming head-on towards you for the majority of the course! There is a loop back at each end, with the far side requiring you to go up and over the railway terminal building.

The best time of day is dawn or dusk, so you get some of the guidance lighting without the buildings being too hidden.

It is a LOT of fun in the Lake Skipper so I hope we can get a good turnout!

The full Calendar schedule is available on the official website: www.racecraftgames.net
(subject to change for improvements if new aircraft or tracks become available)

  • Races held every other Sunday
  • A schedule of Fun, Friendly & Exciting racing at stunning locations around the world
  • Fly a different Got Friends creation (payware and freeware) at each event, designed around the abilities of the aircraft
  • Full Event Calendar (with over 1 year of events planned) published on the official Race Friends website: www.racecraftgames.net
  • See the Race Rules on the official website or below
  • Open to everyone - Xbox and PC!
1 Have fun!
2 Install the event mods (if listed).
3 Default liveries only!
4 100% Fuel!
5 Weather = Live / Time = we always try Live Time (except Astro ONE races will be in dark) but see event post to check / Multiplayer Settings = All Players
6 Disable damage (if you want)
7 Don’t cheat! You are only cheating yourself as your mum would say
8 If you crash out, you can SLEW back to life or back to the group
9 Some events will have some specific instructions, hints or more info about the course, so please do read the intro posts before the event.
10 Again, have fun! That is the MAIN RULE :slight_smile:

After countless hours picking and testing locations, I’m happy to present the Event Calendar of upcoming events on the website above. You can also download a PDF of the schedule. There are simply not enough weeks to visit all the places I would like, so this is a cherry picked variety, fitting the abilities and “theme” of each aircraft.

I am also in the process of learning the SDK for scenery creation, so for some events I will make additional Custom Scenery Mods and share the downloads, which will really just be some simple pylons, gates, slaloms and markers to make the course more fun, more easily visible and fairer for everyone to see and follow the same route.

Whilst everyone is more than welcome to join with Xbox or PC, be aware that some of the events will be much more suitable for PC players. Due to the use of Mods it may end up not so clear or interesting if you are on Xbox, but you should be able to follow the group and get to know the courses that way. Also some events will be using Freeware aircraft unavailable on console, but you are more than welcome to join in a similar type of aircraft that you own.

It’s all just for fun, so we won’t take the racing too seriously.

I am open to any suggestions or changes you may have (such as change of start times, different locations or whatever) so don’t be afraid to ask!

Events may be subject to change if a better alternative comes along so please double check before the event starts.

Join my Discord for more info, chat, voice at the events and to get notifications of future upcoming events:

Visit the website for more information: www.racecraftgames.net

Looking forward to see you “on the grid”!

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