Racing League Session #2 Starts today

Race Session #2 of FSRL Season 1 is underway! You will have two months to complete this session, participate in as many of the segments as you want and in more than one class or aircraft if you like. Be honest with your times and check points and have fun!

We have a total of 4 sprint races of 1 short segment each, 2 regional races of 3 mid-length segments and 1 cross country race with 5 long segments. There are 4 classes of prop aircraft currently authorized and this will grow as more get released.

Here is a text descriptionm route maps will be posted below.

(S1S2S1) 60nm

This session is going to start in Tokyo Japan with a sprint tour around the city’s most famous landmarks. Starting at Egawa Field RJTK cross the bay and perform a TnG touch and go at the runway of your choice at Haneda RJTT then head north until you find the Tokyo SkyTree tower. Make a left hand turn behind the tower and aim for the Nomura Tower in downtown Tokyo. Make another left hand turn behind the downtown skyscrapers and do a longer run to Yokohama. Find the Yokohama Tower and make another left hand turn behind it. Head back to Egawa and record your time for the first sprint session.

(S1S2R1) 563nm

Starting again at Egawa Field RJTK head north east to the City of Sendai and finish leg one at Kasuminome RJSU, 177nm. Second leg traverses the island back to the west going from Kasuminome RJSU to Noto RJNW, 196nm. Third leg starts at Noto RJNW and crosses the high mountains of the west where Tenkara originated and the famous landmark Mount Fuji to finish at Oshima RJTO and island that guards the approaches to Tokyo Bay, 190nm.

(S1S2S2) 100nm

The second sprint is a straight line run from Oshima RJTO across the ocean to Hachijojima RJTH, 100nm.

(S1S2CC1) 2169nm

The cross country session has some fun scenic legs and a couple of long ones with few fuel stops so plan accordingly. The first leg starts at Hachijojima RJTH and has a TnG touch and go checkpoint at Kobe RJBE before finishing up at MCAS Iwakuni RJOI where one of my daughters is stationed! Along the way you will have a chance to visit a few of the points of interest included in the first world update. 395nm

Iwakuni RJOI to a check point TnG at Nagasaki RJFU then its on to Jeongseok RKPD on Chejudo Island where I learned to rappel a long time ago! 301nm

Jeongseok RKPD back to Japan with a TnG check point at Tsushima RJDT and then up the length of the ROK to a small strip near the border called Hoguk-Ro RK0D. This strip has no lights and is very small so be careful landing here. 393nm

Hoguk-Ro RK0D over my old army installation where I was stationed in the mid 90’s, across Seoul and the Yellow Sea to Shanghai and Hongqio Airfield ZSSS. I had to alter my route to take on fuel in Korea before heading over the sea, the little Waco just doesn’t have the legs to do it in one hop. Remember refueling is only allowed at an airfield, land, taxi to the fuel stand, fill up and take off again all with the timer still running the whole time on the ground. 511nm

Hongqio ZSS to Nanyuan ZBNY in Beijing is a long stretch that has little to see and very few airports to land at for fuel. Also the smaller airports in China are not lit, I tried to run this segment at night and found out you can’t see the airports so I ended up crashing twice before changing the time to daylight. 569nm

(S1S2S3) 53nm

Finally a little fun after that long cross country segment! Start at Nanyuan ZBNY and take a tour of the City of Beijing. Head north and a little east and do a left hand turn behind the China Zun building, this is a unique office park for China’s TV station, then north west to the National Stadium built to accomodate the olympics, then north to a TnG checkpoint at ZSHH, now south to the Summer Palace at the edge of a small range of mountain make a left hand turn behind it until you are facing east and head for the Forbidden city, do a right hand turn behind it and stay east of the Temple south of it then head back to Nanyuan ZBNY. This one you may want to explore a few times at an easy pace to get the landmarks and points of interest nailed down, it is easy to miss a landmark with there being so many included in this slalom through a large city. 53nm

(S1S2R2) 1211nm

Yep this is a long regional but it needs to be so we can hit our last major city in China. Starting at Nanyuan ZBNY go due south to Dajaiochang Z08T. This segment I attempted again at night and failed it twice for lack of fuel even with strong tail winds. I finally did it in daylight but it was snowing and I couldn’t go above 2000’ or I had icing issues and… crashed again. Fourth try I made it, this segment kinda sucked lol. 482nm

Dajaiochang Z08T to Jinjiang ZSZQ, this is another southward leg heading to the South China Sea coast near the Taiwan Strait. Also watch out, those mountains were taller than I expected, just avoided one hiding in a cloud. 432 nm

From Jinjiang ZSZQ head west to Hong Kong VHHH. This was the prettiest segment in China in my opinion, it hugs the coast and included a surprise island that is still under construction when the imagry was built for the simulator. 297nm

(S1S2S4) 55nm

The final sprint segement in Asia starts at the new Hong Kong airport VHHH. Choose any runway you like and after taking off stay over water for the duration until you land. Avoid even crossing over the small rocky islands during this race. Head east for a few miles then turn south and cross Kap Shui Mun or Tsing Ma bridges then turn back to the east. Complete a full circuit around Hong Kong Island staying above the water the entire time. Cross back over the bridge of your choice and back to the west land at Hong Kong VHHH.

When you complete these segments submit your time to me and either try again in another class or approved aircraft or head west toward our next race session destination, Africa!!

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