Radeon Drivers v21.3.1

I updated to the most recent Radeon drivers the other day and have been having consistent CTD with MSFS. I rolled back to v20.9.2 and the sim is working normally now. Those of you with Radeon cards and recent CTD you may want to consider a driver rollback.


I’m still on 21.1.1, very very stable even with the oddities of WU3 and SU3

I am on 20.11.2 (5700 XT card) and have had no problems.

Just updated to latest drivers myself and no issues, please can you advise what steps happened when crashes occurred, were you flying?

I have moved your post to the PC & Hardware section, as that is where discussion of graphics cards and drivers should take place.

No particular steps. Basically fly from point a to point b and typically between 5 minutes and 2 hours the whole system would freeze up for several minutes until the sim crashed and the GPU drivers reset themselves. Nothing else would crash on the system except msfs

Nope.I have the latest on my 6800xt Nitro Plus and have no crashes besides the usual stuttering which is asobos problem

No crashes here either did an hour flight with 6800xt Gigabyte Gaming OC and no crashes

I had the freezes and the CTD’s a few times. What I did was to go into the Radeon software and adjust my fan curves. I think my fans were too slow and my card was getting hot while in a flight. Since speeding up my GPU fans while using MSFS I have not had anymore freezes or CTD’s. I still had a few stutters that were introduced in the last MSFS update. But no more CTD’s.

Were you running the most recent drivers when the freezing occured? Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow and increase the fan speeds. I was monitoring temps in the GPU with the newest drivers and they were quite good from what I recall. But it may he worth trying again. I ran the sim all day today with the old drivers and not a single issue the entire time.