Radeon RX590 Fatboy

Has anyone had success with the Radeon RX590 Fatboy? I continuously CTD but I also have recent (November) drivers and was wondering what driver version people are finding success with.

Im sure it could be other issues but I’m just going to start with the drivers and see if I get lucky

Latest drivers are stable (RX 580), and I mostly upgraded them since I also burn hours on CP2077 (latest drivers claimed optimizations for that title).

Are you OC’d on any components?

I am not OC’d. Unfortuantely I tried some older drivers and nothing seemed to fix it so I’ll just wait some time

Is your CTD directly attributable to Radeon drivers? What does Windows Application Log show?

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This, try looking through the windows event viewer and look at the administrative events logged, find the sim and read through the few files, or logs listed, it should point you to which file or library caused the crash, then perhaps you can try updating those files, could be directx related, or a sound driver, start there…

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