Radeon software Ver....21.7.2

Don’t waste your bandwidth. Horrible with VR and Quest 2.

What’s wrong? I just updated and did not see any impact on performance or visuals.

It seems to be Ok with no-VR flying as well. The only thing I noticed is that Radeon Software doesn’t recognize MSFS currently, so in-game overlays and screen-recording doesn’t work. Likely fixed again with the next Radeon Software update, just like with previous sim updates.

Are you using VR and a quest 2?

No. I am using Reverb G2.

That explains why you have success with this driver. Using the Quest 2 anything past 21.5.2 is a no go for me. And no ■■■■■■ Radeon software installed to cause any other problems.

But I must say I’m so enjoying not having any CTD with this 6900XT and MSFS 2020… So glad they fixed the crashing.

I’ve just flown from San diego to LAX in VR and after my 49 min flight had to pick my lower jaw off the floor!

Thank you @OSOBO

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LOL! I also just did a flight on Saturday from SD to LAX with six stops along the way for landing practice. No CTD’s whatsoever!

I downloaded and did a clean install of 21.7.2 just before installing SU5. I’m not getting CTD’s anymore, and the only issue I have is similar to most all other simmers which is the color and lighting seem more washed out and the graphics, at airports and flying low, are noticeably degraded from their previous level of realism.

As for the Adrenaline sw not recognizing MSFS20, it doesn’t seem to automatically. If you run a scan for games, it does find it, however. But sometimes loses it again. I’m going to try launching the sim from Adrenaline and see how well it logs GPU performance and gaming hours.

UPDATE 8/5/21: Wanted to go flying for an hour or two this afternoon and observe how some tweaks I did in the config.opt file panned out. Now I can’t even get the sim to LAUNCH! Went in and returned config settings to previous, no good. MSFS2020 will no longer launch on my PC. Hot fix or HOT MESS?!

Anyone else with AMD card experiencing this??

You must be using G2 HMD as for the Quest 2 anything past 21.5.2 driver is horrible wobble effect with my quest 2.

But>>>>> NO CTD’s!!

That’s usually a symptom of Motion Reprojection in OpenXR. Disable that if you have it on.

AWS for quest and it’s been disabled.

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