Radio Channel Spacing

Hello all,

I did a search for this issue so please forgive me if I am asking for something that has already been posted.

I am hoping that we would be able to get a way to correctly choose the radio band spacing respective to where we are flying. For example in the United States the 25kHz spacing is common place, whereas what we currently have is designed for spacing in Europe. Whether this be a setting in the auxiliary page of the G1000 or a setting that is selected in the menu, it would be great to have some control over this so that those of us flying in 25kHz territory don’t have to go through an extra 100 channels to get where we need to.


Unless I’m misunderstanding, you can already do this in the AUX page in the G1000 and on the PFD settings page of the G3000. You do have to set it each time you load up though. It doesn’t get saved between flights.

Need 12.5 kHz spacing in the US- the sim only lets you pick 25 or 8.33

I would like to support this suggestion. There should be a global setting for channel spacing that applies to all aircraft. COM frequencies change by .005 or .010 for me but in the U.S. it is .025. As a Logitech Saitek radio panel user the inaccurate (for me) tuning has been killing my desire to fly when I already have perfectly working radio in FSX. It apparently can be changed in aircraft with a GPS or MFD but it seems older radio equipped aircraft such as a C152 cannot be changed without global settings.

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