Radio stack app for PC

Anyone know where I can get a radio stack app to run on my PC? I intend to
purchase PF3 for my ATC and I need a radio stack to change freq’s. Many thanks in advance.

Can you be a little more specific
Do you mean an App ie virtual radio stack or
A physical stack you physically turn the knobs to tune
I have both on MSFS
Ex Tenebris

Hi ExTerebris4750
I was thinking of a virtual radio stack app . Would love to know the one you are using, I have searched but not found one. Many thanks.

Try phawary labs radio stack for Android, I’ve been using it for years and it works really well, you need fsuipc for it to work though.

I’m using remote flight panels from iPad store
I have radios and autopilot on 1 as picture though replaced this recently with Logitech units

I have another iPad that runs 6 pack instruments and also moving map.

Found the remote flight apps very good, you do need fsuipc7 running however
Hope this helps
Ex Tenebris

Thanks a lot guys.

I have moved your post to Third Party Addons > Tools & Utilities.

The PMS50 GTN 750 GPS for the tool bar could be an option.
It has the radios at the very top (NAV and COM) and are easily changeable.
You merely click on a frequency, change it and hit enter, then hit swap if need be.
It changes the radios in your aircraft as well. And it is freeware.