Radio,TV Towers missing

I took a test flight and noticed The huge radio, TV towers are missing from my area. I live in the South Florida and we have towers over 1000ft. Is this normal that there missing? I had FSX and I remember seeing them in that version. Its kind of nice as there a nice land mark to have flying around my area.


yep completely missing since the beginning and nobody knows if they are planned. kind of weird as towers are on sectionals and are pretty conspicuous vfr landmarks


Yeah I’m surprised they would leave them out. I thought maybe I had a setting disabled in the graphics. Hopefully they will add it or someone will create a mod to add them.

Oh thank goodness - I thought I was crazy.

one of the local towers is a landmark for turning to the landing approach and I thought it odd that it was missing, thought maybe it was my settings or just hadn’t loaded in - seems wierd that my House gets a 3d model but the microwave tower that would be a flight hazard is missing.

I was going to go check out Taft, Tx and see if the windmills were there - but I’m guessing those won’t be either.

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Yeah it’s crazy they would leave a hazard out like the towers. Hopefully soon they will send a update out with them or someone will create a addon for them.

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I definitely saw an operating windfarm on the North shore of Oahu :grinning:

Yeah this is one thing X-Plane has that I wish MSFS had. Wind farms are present so I would think radio and tv towers would be too? Let’s hope they get added


Its not too difficult to add wind farms actually via the SDK.

I’ll try to fly there later today and see if the much less well known or picteresque Taft has its wind turbines

DimoRAGEgaming has a good tutorial on YouTube that shows how to create a project in the SDK and he places a turbine so you can see how to find it.

A lot of VFR obstacles/landmarks are missing.

No tv or radio antennas, no powerlines, no 3D VOR/NDB/DME or any other navaid model out of the handmade airports…

I’m pretty sure this info can be obtained and added to the sim, as X-Plane has them and the dev team is much smaller. And we are not talking about thousands of different models, just one generic model for each one, repeated there where the data says it’s located.

I wish someday we will have it.


Yeah, even P3D has hazards by default. Its a shame we dont have it in MSFS (yet).

Folks there are many, many, many things missing or half-implemented.

Where are the…

Cirrus clouds
Condensation trails
Wingtip vortices
Tire smoke/engine smoke
Boats on the water (melted, half-sunk photogrammetry ones notwithstanding)
Essentially any object on the ground except buildings and autogen trees.

The inexcusable bits are things that existed in FSX, but don’t in the 14-year-newer game.


Did FSX have all that at its first release?

Actually I believe that it did. It had towers with anti-collision lights and the red/white paint scheme, cirrus clouds, condensation trails, tire and engine smoke. I can’t recall the wingtip vorts in FSX… so maybe not those?

Ok, so a few then and I have seen boats on the water so you can rule that one out.

I think you’re getting a little worked up about what’s not in the game, enjoy it for what it’s got or go back to something else for your own sake, no amount of whining in various threads is gonna change anything :wink:

Ok… so no radio towers, but all the wind turbines in Taft were there… since I know Taft Tx is not exactly a sightseeing location, I’m pretty sure that the wind turbines are being correctly algorythmically placed.

strange that there isn’t any radio towers when they got the wind turbines

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Yeah they probably are but based on data in Bing because Avonmouth was missing at least 6 turbines that are visible in Google and missing in Bing because it doesnt look as if they have updated that area in over half a decade.