Are there railways in the sim?

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What do you mean, can you follow railway tracks? Yes, you can.

Are there trains on those tracks, not sure

As @VisedMedusa3177 said, there are railway tracks in the sim, but unfortunately, no moving trains at this time. If you’d like to see moving trains, please add a post requesting them to the #self-service:wishlist subcategory here in the forums.

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Honestly, that’s a pretty low-priority item.

Not moving (I really would appreciate that too, maybe in 2 years or so) but … Go to Kiel in Northern Germany and approach the Central Station near the harbour from the south … You can find some stationary trains 3D-modelled on the tracks in front of the station. If you can’t find the city look for Holtenau, it’s the airport nearby …

Actually there are non moving trains in many areas…

I know it’s not really important in a Flight Simulator but I always get surprised in Xplane when I see trains moving along the tracks in the sim. I have seen static trains in MSFS but never anything moving. As I mentioned at the beginning of my comment, I don’t hop in a plane to go flying with any thought about seeing trains.

I was flying over my hometown and there were no tracks. That’s why I was asking. There are just brown colors on the ground like real low resolution. Looks like spray paint. I flew right over top thinking maybe it might just not loaded but never changed.