RAM Quantity and Usage in MSFS

But Asobo have said it will be the same. This is why there have been all the graphics downgrades since SU5 so it will run on console.


Not sure what you’re talking about. If you can post a source where they say they will make PC and Xbox the same, please do so.

Yes, I’ve seen the interview where they talk about the technical challenges of getting it onto the Xbox and how they successfully did it. They do not say that from now, PC will be ignored.

Or you could actually, you know, try it. I have a Xbox Series X and a high end PC (3080 Ti, 5600X, 32 GB RAM, all NVME) both hooked up to 4K monitors. The sim looks a LOT better on my PC at 4K Ultra compared to the Xbox. And that’s without any mods or tweaks to config files - just Ultra settings. If I tweak the cfg file it gets even prettier.

OK, what cfg tweaks, mine is looking a lot worse since SU5?

Increasing the LOD value in the usercfg.opt file….


Curious to know what size page file you have?

I guess I have been wondering about the RAM strategy of the game engine like many others here.

Personally I think the usage is way too low … or way too “pessimistic”. Unless there is a lot of memory pressure in the operating system (the extreme would be paging activity) I would love the game to use more … in order to cache more data.

I do a lot of sightseeing … and so I often switch between the cockpit cam, the external view cam … and the drone cam. Now the drone often lags behind the aircraft and so the (LOD) data for that view point is typically (very) different.

This results in a cam switch triggering a very noticable “re-buildup” of the 3D assets (textures, objects etc.)
… and that process is often reeeeaaaallllly slow. The pop in of items can in the worst case take up to almost a minute.

From the outside it is hard to understand what takes so long here. PCI transfer speed towards the GPU can not be the limiting factor (we talk many seconds here … for a few GB at best) … if the “SSD - SATA - RAM - CPU postprocess - RAM - PCI transfer to GPU RAM” steps are the cause then I really would prefer the system to utilize way more GPU RAM as well as CPU RAM in order to cache as much of the “historic” (already pre-computed) data as possible.

The new slider from WU6 goes into that direction … but it clearly is not as “aggressive” as it could be.
Right now I see (at most) a 25% RAM utilization … and I would love more RAM usage (when RAM is present).


Ok thanks, yeah I’ve done that, just wondering if there was anything I else I could do to improve the visuals. If you can extend that beyond the in-game sliders, maybe there were other sneaky ones too!

I notice when I use the sim and check the Memory view in Task Manager the sum of Committed plus Cached is close to my available RAM, so all the RAM is used either by programs directly or as a cache. I think a discussion about RAM usage in MSFS is incomplete without also considering how much swapped virtual memory belonging to MSFS is cached to RAM and how that affects MSFS performance.

I do not know how to measure that though. Any ideas?

@KillerJackson82 I considered page file. I had initially set it larger than recommended as I had a lot of SSD capacity, but since upgrading the RAM I’ve had it set to the recommended settings, 4 or 8GB I think.

I think I tried turning it off to use more RAM but from memory I don’t think it made much difference. The consensus seems to be that turning it off completely is not a good idea.

Yeah they fixed ram and vram usage problem.

Around spring time I bought extra ram specifically to satisfy MSFS ram needs, since SU5 it no longer uses most of it, waste of money.


I increased both my LoD settings to 4 and RAM usage has increased to 13.6GB on the same London discovery flight. And FPS is still stable at the capped rate of 30.

Good point. During a flight, in my Task Manager it says 23.6GB / 36.7GB committed. While at the same time River Tuner on-screen display reports 13.5GB usage.

If we are to go by Task Manager then the sim is actually using up most of my RAM. Should we not be relying on the OSDs then?

Do the same test but with the “Dedicated RAM Usage” readout found in HWInfo sensors tab. This is total RAM usage, but should help understand exactly how much RAM is being used. This whole argument of allocated vs committed vs dedicated can be confusing, but the “dedicated usage” one is your actual usage.

I have zero page file, but I have 64GB RAM, works flawlessly. I have issues others are experiencing as well, pop-ins and low ram usage after hotfix, even with Ultra pre-cache off screen. Hotfix issues. removing page file is not bad at all. You only need a page file if you are using up your RAM

Currently it’s true. A huge honkin’ PC no matter the specs (especially RAM) won’t bring you past 4K Ultra… the max for the he flagship Xbox.

Will MS do a PC version that essentially puts their flagship Xbox in second place? If it makes financial sense I guess but if Xbox is their cash cow compared to PC, that’s probably going to be their “top of the line” implimentation.


14-15 Go memory usage with WU6

  • RAM 32 Go Corsair 3000 Mhz - I7+7700K - GTX 1080 Gaming X /8Go

Virtual Memory = Virtual RAM = Page File and is using your
disk storage, hopefully NVMe SSD, as RAM.

I let Windows 10 control the Page File allocation.

The Xbox doesn’t run at 4K Ultra - it’s running a mix of High/Ultra. The PC runs with better graphics than the Xbox right now, without tweaking the cfg file. If you tweak the cfg file, you can get even better visuals.

Here - Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S - An Excellent Port Of An Ultra-Spec PC Experience - YouTube

Note that this compares Series X to SU5 on PC - it doesn’t have the enhancements that WU6 brings. And even here you can see that PC is better - the Xbox is close (SU5) but not better. And with WU6 the graphics settings have further been improved so the gap between PC and Xbox is growing.

As someone with a “huge honking PC”, and a Series X, I prefer to trust my eyes which clearly tell me that PC is better than Xbox. And then I watch videos from people who’ve actually done the work to compare the two platforms in a scientific manner which back up my “feelings” with actual data.

Heck in this very thread you have people talking about RAM usage exceeding the Xbox spec. Oh well, I guess time will tell.

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This is a myth. Currently xbox has no graphics settings at all…

I can tell you first hand, i’ve got a high end gaming pc and a xbox series X with msfs installed

The visuals are far superior on my pc hands down, it’s more fluid, the graphics are higher/sharper, plus with my thrustmaster tca pack with the gear/flaps addon, the sim experience can’t even be compared to a console/gampad combo