RAM quantity makes a huge difference

I started to use FS 2020 last week, and my PC was setup with 16Gb ram. While it was somewhat playable, I had many times where the framerate was well under 10FPS and made the game nearly unusable, and guess what it was of course during landings :wink:

This week I ordered 16Gb more and installed them, for a total of 32Gb and now I have at least 48FPS which while not being great it’s at least fully playable.

Therefore if you are like me, and wonder what is creating a huge bottleneck to your FPS => add more RAM if you can and you are under 32Gb.

For info, I have a Nvidia RTX 2060S with 8Gb, and an old 4 cores 3.5 Ghz (i7-4771) CPU.

But don’t be fooled, adding more ram will not make FS2020 load faster :wink:


Please elaborate. You say you increased your FPS by adding RAM but that did not make FS2020 faster. Your pageswap to disk is faster than having enough RAM? I agree that adding RAM will not increase the clockrate of your CPU :smile:
What are your settings?


I had to go from 16GB to 32GB and noticed better performance. Windows closed Flight Simulator on me flying over Scotland because it exhausted all my RAM.

My 32gb memory upgrade should be delivered today. This gives me hope. :grin:

There was a recommendation to manually set the pagefile. Did you do that but still got the crash?

so the not help too have 32 GB?

Clearly the system was swapping, as the memory usage was nearly 100%, (default swap file handled by windows now it uses 30Gb).

Of course you don’t improve your CPU nor your GPU speed, but overall (and that was my point) your system performance may increase.

the not help and have 32GB?

I saw benefits from pagefile fix and extra 16GB of RAM. No more crashes and smoothness…not a single stutter

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but so the not help to buy 32 GB? can some tell me pls

My extra 16GB has been on the way since last friday xD. Only problem is that I remember dropping a bit of thermal paste in an unused RAM slot. Hope it’s ok.

Doesn’t Asobo even recommend 32gb of RAM? Pretty sure they do on the store’s website

Min is 8Gb Recommended is 16 and ideal is 32Gb.
@Petterwsto it does help for sure to have 32Gb.

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I have 16GB of memory, and I’m getting some pretty major seemingly random stutters. But, when I look at the actual RAM usage I’m not seeing anything significant.

The stutters are also pretty long as up to around 2 seconds so I’m pretty sure its not memory related, but I’ll probably try an extra 16GB because it couldn’t hurt.

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Total beginner here - playing the sim and loving it at the moment!

You all mention your frames per second. How would I show this on my flight sim, so that I can see what FPS I’m getting please?


Your 4 core 4771 CPU will be SEVERELY bottlenecking your RTX graphics card. please please get a modern CPU and motherboard.

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@wezza13 enable the developer mode (from the option menu, general, on the bottom left “developer mode”), that will give you FPS display.

@MalkyTheHeed you are fully right, now the CPU is the bottleneck no doubts about it.

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i can tell u that this is a lies. I have a 16GB vram and play ultra settings at 30-40fps in cockpit and 50-60 outside

It’s not a “lies”. I have 32GB and the game regularily uses 20GB in task manager. Any less than that and you ARE leaving performance on the table.

That doesnt sound good. Lets hope you do not get a short circuit on the memory bar. Thermal pastes are more or less conductive :frowning: