Ramona (KRNM) in development looks for taxiway signs pics

Dear MSFS Community,

I’m enhancing the default Ramona (KRNM) in San Diego County. There’s a lot of specific taxiway signs. I had personal pictures but I miss a lot. If you have picture or text/location of these signs, please let me know.

Holding Alpha, runway 27 is my favorite (for this, I have real shots)

These blue and yellow signs are unreadable on my video:

And finally, here are some pic of the work-in-progress:

Ramona host the Air Attack Base:

The red patches where Grumman S-2 Tracker refilled. If you know a low poly AI S-2, let me know!

Chuck Hall Aviation FBO

An example of specific signs:

Pacific Exec Aviation FBO:

Public entrance. I should had the Plus One Flyer signs (my local airclub) :wink:


Hi @Vincent1064,
I’ve moved this into #community:general-discussion-feedback

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You may be happy to learn of this project …

From that dusty old geezer forum no one visits.

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Yes ! It will be a cool home for the trackers. The author has replied on one of my Facebook post showing wip.

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I have flown out of Gillespie and Montgomery - but not Ramona - in a Cherokee Arrow II a few years ago…
but in MSFS I use Ramona all the time.
Your scenery looks very good and will be greatly appreciated

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Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:airports as this is an independent effort outside of the core sim.

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Last pic update.

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