Random CTD every flight. HELP

What’s going on with my MSFS 2020? Every single time I fly MSFS crashes to desktop/CTD with no error Messi or warnings. I have a pretty decent PC.

Intel i7
Nvidia RTX 3080
16gb RAM

My GPU also runs on 100% idk if that’s a good thing. Can someone give me a lil advice or help. I need some closure.

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Try turning of ai aircraft traffic had same issues

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Did it work for you?.. I tried doing that and messing with the setting/graphics and it still CTD. Idk if there’s something wrong with the new SU5 or what but it’s a little aggravating.

It is a widespread issue with no apparent cause. I suspect a hotfix will be put out by Asobo in the coming days or week.

Try deleting the Scenery Area that your in (eg; America Update II) and re-installing it within the Sim. Worked for me.

I have tried a lot of different things and followed numerous advices and still had CTDs.
Then I found the crucial advice (at least for me) to deactivate the XMP profile in the BIOS and suddenly everything worked.
Now my RAM is running with 2666 instead of 3200 but that does not make any difference because the FPS are the same, so it’s ok.

My system:
32 GB Crucial RAM
RTX 2060

The thing is that each time I had a CTD the utilization of my CPU suddenly increased as if it wasn’t able to process the data coming from the RAM (at least not in the sim), so decreasing RAM speed solved the problem.
Now I can even run the sim in the background on auto pilot while doing my work and everything is ok :slight_smile:

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What’s your ram size

32 GB (2 x 16)

I’ll try that, having the same problem, weird thing is I was part of the beta and never experienced any CTD before the official update. Now it’s crashing everywhere randomly.

My specs : AMD 5600X, RTX3080, 32gb ram (2x16 at 3200mhz via XMP)

A lot has changed since the sim came out.
Windows updates, new versions, new hardware, new drivers, modification of the MSFS code etc.

within 1 day? the day prior I was already using the latest version that came out July 27th
(when I say I was part of the beta I mean part of SU5 beta for more than 3 weeks without CTD)


Ok, I see :slight_smile:

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Maybe that certain hardware is affected by that RAM issue.

tried turning off AI traffic…still crashed
tried removing XMP setting in BIOS…still crash…
I can’t play for more than 5-10 mins and it hangs…like my Reverb G2 lose connection and I can’t even go in task manager to end tasks…most of the time I need to do a reboot (reset)

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The sim CTD almost every time I attempt to fly…I feel your pain…
I now get mentally ready to not fly for a few days when an update comes out…

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On my part, I’ve been lucky enough to never experience the CTD for the past year…or rarely.
But now, it’s kind of making me go nuts…community folder completely empty.


The sim is broken.
Silence from Microsoft.
X Plane being reinstalled.

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Check your event viewer in Windows. What does it show?

Ok, today the new patch is coming out, so maybe the issues will be solved.