Random CTDs: no event in EventViewer


I’ve been having the strangest CTDs recently where the sim will exit to desktop without any events at that time in EventViewer.

I only really fly the WT CJ4 and in some cases I can do multi leg 5+ hour flights then in other cases the crash described above occurs 20-30mins into a flight.

These started up when I updated from nvidia 471.96 to nvidia 512.15. I’ve since rolled back to nvidia 511.09 but the crash still occurs. Rolling cache is disabled, do I still need to delete it?


I cant believe that, a CTD leave a message in windows event log.

Did you mean a application freeze instead ?

Have you HAGS enabled ?

And the default questions about installed mods, system spec, etc… I borred to repeat…
As example I see you have VR hardware. Did it happen in VR only ?

Yep I’m baffled too, have been through EventViewer with a fine tooth comb. It’s definitely not a freeze, just a quick black flicker and I am sent to the desktop. Everything else is normal.

HAGS is off and MSFS was stable for a long time without CTDs until recently.

Only changes were to the drivers and now I think about it I installed Henriks global ships so I might remove that too.

CTDs are occurring both in 2D mode and VR mode.

If we only had some kind of a log, then we would have a clue where to look for a specific problem.
Hint, hint…

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Do a clean uninstall of all of the NVidia stuff, restart the PC and let Windows update install the NVidia drivers. Unless you have another game installed that needs the latest NVidia software and drivers, avoid them like the plague.

@Super275327 you meantion this in some topics therefore I can give a hint about: If you have the wish for a better logging/tools ( not a bad wish :wink: ), please checkout the wishlist category where you can Vote on existing topics. As example : Debugging and Crash Report Log

@SuedPancake1586 additional note to the hint from @XR219 , you can choose while installing the drivers the option “completly new installing”, if you suspect the driver as the bad boy.
But may be also try it with another airplane, and not that third party add-on WT CJ4 .

The fact that to log entry exist is still mysterious.

already voted a while ago. :wink: :grinning:

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For anyone else running into this I think I’ve solved it (touch wood) by uninstalling Gaming Services, rebooting, installing Gaming Services then a full uninstall/reinstall of MSFS.

I think the cause was a recent system restore broke my MSFS licence and the way the game deals with this is to kick you out randomly.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

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