Random CTDs (sick of it)

Doesnt seem to be any reason or pattern as to when this occurs, but sick of seeing it.

Today it happened while on approach to KBOS in the PMDG 737 but it doesnt seem to matter what or where I’m flying.

Windows 11
i7 10700k

may be there is a relation to the two new existing topics:

we know from other existing topics, that issues with the map are not longer unique mappeble to a “grammar.pggmod” error-message.

I wil retry you location and if I get the same crash at these position, we can may be merge the three topics together as a map issue…
EDIT: I not get an error in these region

dude i had the exact same issue and also this happened to at another airport too i think

Thanks for the replies, and thanks for looking into the issue for me. I’m going to fly the same route and see if it CTD’s in the same spot. Wish me luck.

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Another one. As soon as the wheels touched the ground at KTPA.

any reason why this is happening?

the …00005 error ? … That’s unfortunately a common-error. Can be a mod cause that ( e.g. a garmin ) , or something else.

I thought at first there is a relation to “map issues” which we can reproduce, but that was not the case - it not happend as I flew in that area. But I know issues where e.g. the G1000 mod caused that… but, its hard to say.

No the issue where the 737-700 crashes near landing

yep… thats the topic here… “ctd while approach” and we have two reported error-messages in logfile ( 0x80000003 / KERNELBASE.dll , 0xc0000005 / Fl…exe ).

The kernelbase was allways a bit “special” , but the …0005 is much more common/neutral, Thus,… because the first assumption about the location seems not the reason, it might be that its caused from an other installed mod … may be… Possible is also bug in-game, who knows…