Random Flight Database

Hi all,

I would like to share with you the utility that I am developing.

Random Flight Database is a simple and easy to use application. It will allow you to randomly choose a flight according to your criteria.

A default database is already included, but also the possibility for each user to create their own database.

But it is not all, you can also extract the flights of the day for an airport, or extract the flights over a full week.
It is an application that allows you to randomly choose from a default database or create flights by yourself according to your choices (type of aircraft, flight time, company …)

Why Use RFD ?

The advantage of RANDOM FLIGHT DATABASE is that it is extracted from flightradar but also from other databases and it chooses randomly among this or these bases according to your choices.
You can also do many other possible combinations, such as leaving each time from the arrival airport for each flight generated, but also selecting your favorite planes and airports.
Simply choose the departure airport it chooses for you the arrival airport, but if not, choose the arrival airport it chooses for you the departure airport and all this according to the real data of the airlines.
You also have the option of creating your own data for inclusion in this software.
In short, full of possibilities.
And one of the most important is that once the flight (s) are generated you can send them to simbrief or pfpx to plan this.

You will find the website by typing:
RANDOM FLIGHT DATABASE in your search engine



Fix bug in user base

3.3.0 :
Fix minor Bug
Replace Summer 2019 by winter 2019-2020:
Advanced Air
FedEx Express
Fly Jordan
French Bee
Jordan Aviation
Kuwait Airways
UPS Airlines

Add option World Tour
Add view point and multi-points in WINDY point com
Add Airports Informations
New window for view process and stop process

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