Random frezee of the sim since Sat 7 of May

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A lot of people were saying that SU9 broke their sim, not for me. But since the last weekend (7 of may 2022) the sim started getting freeze and not responding A LOT, wich is strange because I didn’t update anything or add/remove anything from the community folder.

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It’s another annoying random crash, last time I had one of this was on NOV 20’. You can be playing for 4 hours and nothing happens. Other day it crashes like 5-6 times in a row with no absolute reason.

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nvidia3070 and AMD Ryzen 7 5800H. 16GB of RAM. Windows 10.

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Same happens to me, literally every time i flight now, i get the screen frozen, i continue hearing the sounds of the sim but screen freezes. Since SU9, and have removed mods and everything. but same problem. I friend having also same issue.


Maybe is SU9 related and I got lucky until this weekend :confused:

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

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After the last update has times the screen freezes and the audio remains. I get this error message and I have to restart the simulator.
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Exactly the same thing here. I can do a 4h flight without any issue and then the next 5 I have those freeze. Task manager saying not responding. Happened in the WT cj4 FBW320 and pmdg 737…

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

no, very random freeze

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Screen freeze and audio continues. Task msnager showing msfs not responding i have to close it there. No errors in eventlogs . Random frequent freeze, it can happen any time.

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same here - thought it were the DEMs - I had stutters with them … but after deinstalling them I have no stutters - my sim freezes. … now, I thought faulty scenery add-ons - but no. Last freeze was in a Carenado P44 with stock GPS and over Germany where no add-on was installed … crazy

I had this freeze inside the aircraft and also in the outside view… there is no sign of the freeze… sometimes I fly a couple of times without, sometimes it hits me 20 mins after departure, sometimes 90 mins… totally random


Yep It is totally random and still happening to me.
Do you fly in IVAO or VATSIM when this “frezee thing” happens?
I usally fly on IVAO and I’m trying now flying offline to see if maybe is a IVAO-SimConnect related issue :confused:

I have reinstalled the whole thingf. So far I have done 2 flights with the 737, and no problem at all.

The rest of the community folder is empty. I’ll try to add stuff one by one.

And yes, I normally always fly in IVAO, I think it that it has a role in the freezes. I’ll keep testing it :wink:

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because me and other from IVAO ES (IVAO spanish division) reporting crashes for them it allways frezees connected to IVAO, but It had never freezed to me not connected to IVAO :confused:

I don’t know what to think or what to spect from this bug, some people says that it crashes from them and they aren’t connected to IVAO.

I have generated “dump” files after the freezes (in the task manager, right click and choose “create dump file” or something like that) and opened them with the “windows debugger tool” but I can’t understand almost anything :sweat_smile: I was hoping that maybe I could understand where the sim got stuck.

So I did flights with default a/c with no pb. Then tried the pmdg 737, no pb, then two airports, LEBL and LEPA, no problem. It might be an ivao client issue indeed

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Hi, after some testing, IVAO makes my sim freeze and some of the client parts of IVAO freeze as well


I think that some parts of Altitude freeze because MSFS gets freeze…
I’m talking with some Service Team members and they told me to unistall and reinstall Altitude in order to re-download the CLS files (maybe there is one corrupt or something like that).
I am also trying to debug the issue looking at my recorded flights on the IVAO tracker.

EDIT: But this issue is SUPER RANDOM. A bunch of us have this issue but others not .__. With same altitude client

Check out the IVAO forums at the altitude section.

The dev team is aware of some freezes of the client and they are resolving it.

Hope that this is the cause.

I also had many CTD / Freezes since the last update while flying online on IVAO, but how do you know it is related to IVAO? My Sim freezes, only once i had a CTD, so it is really hard to find out what is causing that freezing issue, Greets, Markus

I’m having the exact same issue. The freezes seem to occur whenever I make another application the active window (I.e. going from MSFS to using Discord on another monitor). Happening on basically every flight for me.

Hi, the new ivao client is out. Apparently the freezes are fixed now! Finguers crossed.

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It seems that the new IVAO Altitude client fixed my issue, thanks!