Ranted, left for a year and now back WOW WOW WOW

After so many issues that started after a year doing MSFS, I left, did my other truck and race sims for many months. I come in, do an update, then see a crash or freeze then left. Ranted on this forum over the year. Now with update X the ONLY change I did on my PC since August 2020, was buy a 34" ultra wide screen. Came in, did the X update, and well tried it. WOOOOOOOOOOW. Yea the screen makes a HUGE difference, but NO issues that I had. Cessna and A310 mostly since day 1. Flying every night, for about an hours, good FPS, no stutter, beautiful scenery still, all in all EVERYTHING IS WORKING for me. I am starting a new, flying once again, big smile and back to shaking my head thinking, “unbelievable” as I see the places I no longer can visit in real life. MSFS been part of my life since VER 5 on Floppies!!! So credit due where credit due, in my experience, WOW A+ FANTASTIC Job in the past 8 months programmers!!! Yea Yea, this is my own expereince.


Hey there, @FoldingBrush213. Welcome back to the forums. Great to see you having such a terrific experience. Monitor size is a significant contributor to immersion.

Now that you are back, please check out the Code of Conduct to reacquaint yourself with the rules of the road in the forums. There is also a Forum Guide where you can review the features available to you here. Again, welcome back!

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So true. I have a 43 inch super ultra-wide and it gives an amazing field of view.