[rathole80] Abandoned Airports Group Flying - Part 63 - West Florida Pan Handle | MSFS | GA | VFR | Bush

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 20:30Z
I’ll be live on Twitch @rathole80! Ambitious attempt to finish visiting abandoned airports in Florida this stream. Fly along or hang out!

Peel Field, Valparaiso, FL

Piccolo Field, Valparaiso, FL

Biancur Field, Crestview, FL

Epler Field, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Chevalier Field NAS, Pensacola, FL

Bronson Field NAAS, Myrtle Grove, FL

Field NAAS (2nd), Myrtle Grove, FL

Ellyson Field NAAS, Pensacola, FL

Saufley Field, Bellview, FL

Download Flightplan:

Server: North Europe
Weather: Live
Multiplayer: All Players

I’ll be flying the PC-6 Porter by Blackbird Simulations. It cruises at about 119 knots.

There’s also a default PC-6 that works well if you don’t have that one, or an X-Cub also works well.