Ray Tracing an option now in UserCfg.opt

All I know is the option is now there, I haven’t tested it. That means neither of us knows if this works, and is real or not real RT for MSFS. The option says Raytracing, not Real Raytracing

I know it was requested some time ago. Could be that too :slight_smile:

No, I specifically remember the Raytracing setting in Usercfg.opt :slight_smile:

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3440 X 1440 with 150 RS and Object and Terrain LOD @ 9, unless you flying a paper plane those settings just cannot be run at a decent framerate.

Raytracing was never an option, I have config files dating back to release. Besides that and a few other things, MaxDist has also been removed from SU5 under the shadows section.

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Don’t know what to tell ya, the videos very much exist. 2 videos at LOD 9.00s in big cities. One at res scale 130 one at 150. It can be done

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Nice :wink: nothing more to say lol…


I knew no one would believe me without the vids. Didn’t even know that I was the only one reporting doing this, thought there would be more. Cheers my friend.

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I was going to create my own post on this, and saw this one. I found it in the user.cfg, and set it to 1…and it absolutely does work!! It makes the floor of the hangar on profile mode look like highly polished glass, but in game it looks absolutely amazing! All reflections and lights look infinitely more realistic. I have a gtx2080 by the way. I tested it with raytracing set to 1 flying over Chicago last night… All settings pretty much to max, and was running at a consistant 40 to 45 Fps


Can you edit the UserCfg.opt and keep the save changes?

(My system can not, it keep change it back to some default)

There is no way raytracing is working right now. Raytracing requires DX12.

I don’t think so. How about before and after pictures. Just to back up your claim.


AWESOME!! That´s only one hint of all the great things that will come in the future updates.
I am sure the next updates will enhance to superb rain, cockpit-glass-fogging (to make the heater fans and the air condition buttons in the cockpit fully useful) and new icing effects - and bring fantastic weather rain effects on the cockpit glass, with aytracing features on clouds / ground / vegetation and cockpit self-shadowing.

Unfortunately buying a graphics card with RayTracing is still not an option without having some good scalper friends showing mercy when making the next-gen-card prices for you :smiley:

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Yes!!! Love hearing this. Can’t wait to try it myself. Having an issue with SU5 currently

It’s been there since launch. And it does nothing. It’s just a placeholder atm. Although it likely works for Xbox now since it’s on DX12.

Tell that to Crytek, Crysis Remastered is DX11 and supports Raytracing. It was said earlier on this thread… its not real raytracing… but RT it is

Just because you CAN run ray tracing on DX11 doesn’t mean a dev has enabled it. Asobo have chosen to only include it with their DX12 code.

Having an issue with SU5, once It gets sorted I will give an honest test and take before and after pics.

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One example given by the poster was the hanger floor looking amazing. Either they’re getting a placebo effect, or they also changed other settings and forgot about it. There is absolutely no difference to the hanger floor with RT on or off. Or to anything else in the hanger scene, come to that.


And the bubble bursts :rofl:

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