Ray Tracing and DLSS question

I am upgrading from a GTX 1060 to a RTX 3050 ($200) which supports Ray Tracing and DLSS. What are Ray Tracing and DLSS all about? Are they supported in MSFS and what benefits/improvements do they provide? Thanks.

DLSS is used in MSFS.

It is a Deep Learning Super Sampling method.
Basically it renders your game at a lower resolution and then uses AI to upscale it again.

Benefit is a higher fps than you would usually have at that higher resolution.
Downside is some artifacts and “flaws” in the graphics, like ghosting/smearing of fast moving small numbers and so on.

Ray tracing is not used in the sim regarding how it traces light and shadows as well as reflections.


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There has been some talk about ray tracing being implemented in FS2024.
My understanding is that it can hammer graphics card performance, though.

Who knows what that means to us? It seems the sim is mostly CPU-dependent. Maybe taxing our GPU’s won’t affect overall framerate/latency too much.

“There’s no free lunch!” :slightly_smiling_face:

That has to be taken for now as talks - the trailer showed basically 0 traces of ray tracing. Even the water was just screen space reflections again :wink:

Ray tracing effects are usually optional, which I would expect also on MSFS 2024 whenever that will be implemented or not. Usually you also got different quality levels here to choose from and maybe you could even chose which RT effects to use (shadows/illumination/reflections).

Another step up would be path tracing, but for that you’d need a really beefy system likely :wink:

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