Raymarched Reflections Fixed in VR - SU6

Yes, title says it all.

Raymarched reflections are finally fixed and have stopped moving abnormally when moving the head.
Thanks Asobo as this was a major annoyance in VR.

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Great! That’s what’s been putting me off. Time to jump back in!

they do look nice! now they just need to fix the “shadowing” by the airplane geometry


Is there a vote for this?

That’d require ray-tracing, IIRC. Look for existing threads on ray-tracing and DirectX 12.

As long as reflections are a screen space effect, there is no fix for this, unfortunately.
Btw: allmost all “Raytracing” games use Screen Space Reflections for distant reflections (for performance reasons). So don’t have high hopes in DX12 in this case.
And the performance drop with raytracing excludes the use of VR.


Yes, I also confirm, reflections are finally fixed. Antialiasing of ingame menus too. I’m exciting! :slight_smile:
Also, I noticed a bit of performace improvement in VR (on average added 2 fps).
So far, great update this time.

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Interesting mine got worse???

Shame I don’t have a VR headset anymore. :slightly_frowning_face:

the cubemap slider in general settings defaults to 64… yet after you touch the slider the minimum is 96 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

crank it up all the way!

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