Raymarched reflections

There’s a new feature in Graphics settings, “raymarched reflections”

As far as I understand the definition right, raymarching is like raytracing, suitable for volumes of particles and water. I found a clear case… uodate 6 adds a reflection to the wind turbines…



In the UserCfg file this appears to be referred to as “SSRaytracedShadows”.

There seem to be a number of other changes to items in the Config file, I’ll await guidance as to how to max it out from someone who knows better than I. But for now all settings to their maximum and Terrrain and Object LOD over-ridden to 4 is looking very nice.

That entry existed. In my Medium settings a month ago it was enabled, but I don’t remember above reflections.

You noticed there is a “Offscreen terrain precaching” entry also in UsrCfg.Opt ? what would THAT be…
(and they removed that strange SSSSSS thing…)

The Offscreen terrain precaching is this (taken from the official update announcement):

  • Offscreen terrain pre caching ” graphics settings has been added (Low, Medium, High and Ultra). If set to Ultra, all the offscreen terrain will be cached at full quality which will reduce FPS drops and LOD popping when panning the camera but may impact overall performance

Let’s leave it to the experts to decipher!

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Oh that is the reason why I am wondering that refections on my aircraft are nicer. This is a good addition to the sim.

Screen space (ray marched) reflections have been in the game since release. Me thinks the setting has just been renamed… What we really look forward to is ray traced reflections (i.e. ray tracing) :sunglasses:

Except for the potential performance hit.


I think it still is what was called [Reflections], before WU6. They probably accidentally added the ‘Raymarched’ part. BTW, don’t you just love how the release notes leave out so many things?

Sure, what’s new is old, else it does not work. And when it works, you were not told anything :yum:
Maybe spend some more time in MSFS ?

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I can’t seem to find this in the options

On PC it’s in the graphics settings. I’m not sure if it is on XBox, when I set a level, it gets the same level for these raymarched reflections, so I think it must be preset on medium or high for XBox. Low and medium are a bit pixelated, high and ultra are much better, solid shadows. I really enjoy that for the screenshots, I can turn my camera more freely now, if I want to show a coast with cliffs, or a lake with a mountain reflected in it. Bridges also reflect in the water much more accurate now.

Yeah, looks like they just renamed “reflections” to “raymarched reflections” to distinguish it from the future “ray-traced reflections” that’s not yet enabled/functional.

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Ray marching is a raytracing technique, a specific method of ray tracing. In Wiki it sais they use it for translucent objects. It really shines when there is water. I’m quite sure reflections in water are better than SU-4 now. Above wind turbines looked pixelated before.

I’ll keep an eye out – the chief thing that would be interesting would be if reflected objects are no longer limited to what’s rendered in screen space. This would be a big improvement! But I suspect they’d have mentioned this in the release notes.

(Did a quick test) Looks exactly the same to me, no changes from SU5. The only change in SU5 from before was that water reflections “shimmer” more.

I’m pretty sure this is just a change to the labeling.

I’d really like to know (from developers) if it’s just a name change and quality was set higher, or they had to put DX-12_1 in, to get this “raymarching” working as a new feature. Only developers can provide this information. DX-12_1 will not be detected if it is used, because it only tests for DX-11 features.

We can be 100% sure it’s not DX12, had it been then they’d be shouting about it.

I don’t expect shouting untill they go full blown DX-12 with ray tracing in the cockpit. I’m a hobby developer in Visual studio myself, I found there are two levels of DX-12 available: you have the entry level DX-12_1 that just gives better threading and more balanced CPU usage, and you have DX-12_2 with big things, like ray tracing. They did not need the full DX_12_2 for this reflection trick, the ray marcher is faster than ray tracing… but I don’t expect they will make announcements until they really go DX-12_2, for marketing reasons. DX12_1 adds only frame rate, no other things. DX-12_2 could be quite spectacular when it comes out. Cockpit lighting with sun coming through the windows will be far more realistic.

Where is DX12? Remember how Jorg kept saying it’ll come as soon as Xbox launches…

They’ve had this level of reflections since release of the sim. There’s no particular change in WU6 I can see at all, and in SU5 the only change I saw was that water reflections became more "shimmer"y.

Guess we disagree then… this is no screen space reflection only. I think the reflections in the water are denser, they have more pixels now, they used to be pixelated, that is not enough pixels. They either tuned up some setting… or ray marching is really applied. Without DX12_1, that would be quite expensive technology to put it into the scenery, in terms of performance.

Ray marching is definitely new in WU6, but have no idea if it does anything. Just like Raytracing is in the user config file but enabling it doesn’t really enable raytracing. Would be nice if Asobo confirmed what, if anything, this does.