RDS error after update

I have ofen RDS-error after latest upgrade. And I cant understand - why? Where we can look errors???

Try checking the Windows Event Viewer. If MSFS is throwing exceptions there should be a log there.

There is info about errors in the event viewer. But almost always the error messages are just a basic error code internal to MSFS or Windows. Nothing we can decipher unless we Google-fu deep into the bowels of the internet. So, to have a debug log and what MSFS is doing at the time would be helpful.

Also - if you enable dev mode, you also get a little bit more detail about what’s going on with the scenery in the log view (can’t recall the exact name, not at home). But, at least for me, every normal and uneventful flight still show thousands of errors in the dev mode log.


I took your post out of Wishlist and put it in Bugs & Issues > Miscellaneous.

The Wishlist section is for requesting new features in FS2020.

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