Re-add an ATC prompt to turn on taxi arrow guidance

This is what most of us are used to, being able to turn on taxi guidance arrows as a choice when about to taxi. This is especially important upon arrival to unfamiliar airports. For departures the existing tools are sufficient, though might as well re-add this functionality for takeoff runway guidance i.e., give this control to users as in FSX/P3D. Very useful, but as well must make those arrows much more discreet than the giant blue blocks there now.

I agree that in unfamiliar airports we must have the
taxi guides but I think that the best way would be to have a key assigned to turn it on or off. The way that I am using the sim at the moment is to fly to places and to take a screenshot. This means that when I land, I need the guides off in order to take the pic, but on again when I have to find my parking spot. It is a nuisance at the moment to stop the sim and find the assists page to turn the taxi ribbon on or off.

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