[READ FIRST] Dev Q&A: Jan. 26th

Our next Live Dev Q&A will be 2022-01-26T18:30:00Z

The Agenda for this Dev Q&A

Coming Soon

  • World Update 7

What’s Next

  • Sim Update 8 - Seb will present on a few items he’s been working on. Note: There will be another Dev Q&A before the release of Sim Update 8, which will go into more detail on the bug fixes you can expect.

Longer Term

  • World Update 8 Preview
  • Upcoming Aircraft Preview

Feedback Snapshot

  • A look at some of the top bugs and feature requests

Open Q&A

  • Asking top forum questions and live chat questions

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The devs won’t be answering EVERY question but this will help us see what you want talked about in the upcoming stream.