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Right now I’m trying the game with the game pass. That is set to end next week, and I intend to purchase the Deluxe Edition.

Will I need to uninstall the game pass version first, or will I continue using that version with the upgrades?

If you decide to purchase the Premium Deluxe Edition from the Microsoft Store, once you pay and open the simulator, it should install the package updates to the sim and be a standalone version free from your Game Pass subscription.

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I am in the same situation.

So does that mean that once my gamepass expires and I do not renew it, but I purchase the Premium Deluxe edition via the MSFS marketplace, I would basically own a full standalone Premium Deluxe edition of the simulator?

I am just asking, in case I decide to reinstall the simulator or install on one of my other PCs, then how would I be able to retrieve it and install the Premium Deluxe version?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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If you purchased the deluxe edition version from within the game with a Gamepass subscription, you also need to keep it.
You will notice the price difference compared to the Microsoft Store … :grimacing:

If you buy the full version (deluxe, premium) from the microsoft store, you will only have to update the game.
You will be able to terminate the gamepass.

hope you understood my english isn’t perfect… :woozy_face:


This was confusing to me at first. Here in Canada (all of NA perhaps), you only ever get to purchase either:

  1. Basic: Base Game
  2. Deluxe: Base Game + Deluxe Content
  3. Premium: Base Game + Deluxe Content + Premium Content

So if I were subbed to game pass for PC if I bought either of them, I would get at the very least the base game.

I understand that in the European markets, you can actually buy just “upgrades” without the Base Game. So your point where you still have to buy the Base Game if you were in Europe makes a lot of sense.

Yes, we can buy the base game of course.
Except that for those who already have a Gamepass subscription, you must cancel the subscription and take the version you want from the Microsoft Store.

The upgrade will be done automatically.

PS: So no need to uninstall the version already downloaded.

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So in short. With a Gamepass - one needs to keep the subscription going and then purchase the cheaper upgrade to Deluxe edition. This is why I asked as the upgrade from the MSFS marketplace is much cheaper than buying the Full Deluxe edition from the MS store.

Thanks, I will then wait for my Gamepass to expire and then purchase the Full Deluxe product from MS website or Steam.

Thanks for the help, guys.


Did it work? Did you first cancel the subscription and then you bought the game, not from the Xbox website but from the Microsoft Store website?

Yes, you buy the game from the MS Store, and then you can cancel your Xbox gamePass membership.
The subscription won’t end immediately, but next month.

At least for me it stops on November 13th and I can continue playing without logging into the Xbox app.

It did work for me as well without problems. My xbox game pass subscription did end a few days ago.

Upgrading from standard to premium deluxe as well later on.