Ready to dive into addons!

OMG the ai pilot works after the latest update and I am beyond thrilled. Now I want to add more airports but I have questions before I do. My first concern is should I buy from the marketplace or direct? I like to have everything in one spot but I am worried that if something happens down the road then all my addons are affected because msfs controls what I have bought. I bought cyvr from msfs and after this update it doesn’t show in the content manager so something already went wrong. Also, which airports to buy because what happens if msfs create more airports and I already bought them earlier, then I bought for nothing.

I am also interested in downloading some freeware airports by some amazing and talented people that have created so many free addons. But when an update is released do you have to move all your addons out of community folder and then but them back in one by one? I have been licking my lips when I see all this freeware but up until now, I really couldn’t use them but now finally I can go crazy downloading them.

The addon market is exploding right now with an embarrassment of riches but it’s also more confusing now that msfs is creating payware quality airports. I can already see multiple versions of airports down the road making the choice even harder. Thank you

  1. Before each update I simply copy my entire community folder to another location. By the time the download on my slow connection is finished I usually know if my “mods” are affected or not, but for the most part I simply copy everything back after the update and check for myself. Depending on how many things you accumulate 1 by 1 may take a long time.
  2. If you by an airport now and then the same airport is released at a later date for free in equal quality, then that is just how that goes. You can either wait or have it now but not both
  3. A payware addon not showing up after an update can have many reasons, like sim version it is valid for etc. Usually the developers will release a fix for that sort of thing quickly. Sometimes it may take a little if the ASOBO update changed something major that makes the addon not work and the developer has to figure out what needs to be changed.

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