Real life Callsign

When enter callsign as AAL and Flight number as 123 - the ATC pronounce as “A” “A” “L” 123 rather than American 123.

Any workarounds on this?

put the word American instead of AAL…LH worked the same way for me!

that is sad… ><

It’s AI voice. All it can do is read back what you type. Of course, this can lead to hilarity if you use more “colorful” words in your callsign!

Why is it sad?

the simulator suppose to translate the official airline call sign and pronounce it like real world. ATC will call it “american” if they see it as AAL.

Guess people are still more flexible than AI then. Don’t think it’s sad though. It’s just the difference between an IAOC code and a callsign. So if you know it, putting in the callsign in written form shouldn’t be a hardship. I think it’s quite good that MSFS will read back to you almost anything. So you can even create your own airline name and fly with something like “Crash Air” or “Never come back Airlines”

But the way the forum is working at the moment I already expect someone to make a big stink over it calling Asobo names and labeling the sim unusable … guess I’m getting paranoid in ny old age.

the WU6 update definitely easier to fly without the annoying altitude bug. all these things just to give a better experience in realism flying in simulator. So every aspects count.

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It will just speak what you put in those boxes. If it parses it as a word, it will speak that word. If it reads it as a list of letters it will read those. If I enter BBC it won’t read British Broadcasting Corporation, for example.

Sometimes it won’t read things out correctly, and I believe you can trick it by using a hard K instead of a soft C, and other such tweaks.

That is under the assumption that the simulator has access to an ICAO database with a callsign that it can refer to. It doesn’t. So anything that you put under the callsign is what it says. Which I think only applies to Live Traffic.

Besides, there’s a different field in the livery’s Aircraft.cfg file for ICAO_Airline code. Which you enter as AAL. But the callsign is the exact phrase that you want to give it.

I think it’s fine this way, since you can have the freedom to actually give it the right callsign. I know for a fact that the Live Traffic callsigns have a few issues of their own. Like for example, CTV airline, is suppose to have “Supergreen” as callsign. But instead, the sim is using “Are Aviacion” which is technically a correct callsign, for the old CTV ICAO code that no longer applies decades ago. At least with the callsign field work with a direct phrase, we can correct it for our own flight.

Another trick is to put a hyphen in between the names so ATC reads it correctly
Eg: spirit-wings instead of s p i r i t wings as by entering that call sign as one word atc will read it out as letters, putting a hyphen in breks it down to two words so atc understands and reads it back correctly

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We don’t need that trick if we use the aircraft.cfg callsign instead. We can put exactly like “Spirit Wings”.

Sorry but I don’t mess with Cfg files
Did that too much in FSX and it’s scarred me for life :joy:

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You can scratch that “almost.” I may be 56, but my inner teenager has already typed in some pretty obscene stuff and laughed when FS read it back to me.

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