Real pilot VR impressions

FS2020 its absolutely amazing and realistic in VR, and for the kind of graphics the performance is not bad at all.
Also would like to point out the taildragger modelling its the best of any sim I have tried before, good job.

Only disappointment and an important one which kills immersion is that the cockpits are too small like 75% or 80% compared to real life ones (fly and flown in many of this planes in real life, and definitely they are too small in VR )


I agree with you on the first point, but somewhat disagree on the 2nd. I feel that the A320 cockpit is slightly oversized. I’ve only played around with a few others, but the GA singles felt pretty good, maybe a touch small.

Having a way to scale the environment or view would be great.

What headset are you using? I have read elsewhere that the world scaling is an issue for some headsets and not others. I have the G2 and haven’t found this to be an issue.

that´s exactly my observation: about 15% too small! It might depend on the FOV but a slider for FOV or zoom level might fix this!

HP Reverb G1

Baron G58 is rendered much to small or I have been growing overnight like Gulliver. Maybe an camera issue.

I think this has to be unique to certain devices, or perhaps a setting somewhere. I have a ton of time in several of the airplanes, and the size, layout, and geometry is spot on perfect. The G58 Baron (and Bonanza) is exactly what they should be. The yoke is where you would expect it, as is the side window, the seat position, center arm rest, glareshield, etc. And if I wanted to reach over to open the door (if it were possible in sim), it is exactly where I would expect it to be. Same with the KingAir, including the overhead panel, side fuel panel, center pedestal, etc.

Lots of these visual references are like muscle memory after flying them for so long. Using the Reverb G2 here. I did have to adjust seat height with the key bindings, but that is expected (and no different from the real airplane).

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