Real Radio Frequencies

It would be nice to have real radio frequencies instead of the same frequencies used in FSX.
Normally you could just check your flight information from the internet, your charts or your tablet to find the right frequency. But unfortunantely these are not the frequencies Flight Simulator uses…


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Hmmm, have not double checked this, but assume, if using real world flight data, the freqs need to be the real ones. I have not double checked against my stack of approach plates I have saved on PC. Double check ILS freqs against real Jeppesen approach plates. If the freqs are wrong, then I suspect heading, altitude and all the rest is wrong as well.

Several beta testers have videos on planning flights, and those seem to check on there. If you still have FSX loaded, check out the visual and radio at Midway Island in Pacific, you will be amazed at the difference between both Sims.

Nav freqs are real (ILS, VOR, ADF, etc.). In the sim they are the same as on charts, SkyVector etc Haven’t checked the com radio freqs though…

I have it regularly, that I am approach an airport in VFR, tuning the frequency, according to Foreflight and MSFS tells me “Not in Use”.
I then go to nearest airport, find the airport, and it is a different radio frequency.


I fly with sectionals and FS is using the same freqs as the FAA.

Well for Europe this is not the case… 80% of the frequencies are not the ones in my charts

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Can you give an example so I can go check? Cos everywhere I’ve been has had the right frequency according to my charts.

ouch, especially if the data is coming from NavBlue and will be the only source of in-sim data:

Disregard last. Yep, finding plenty now that are wrong, now that I’m looking for it.

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so far, I haven’t found a single discrepancy from navigraph.

In switzerland and south germany, all the ATC freq. are wrong. I can plan VOR navigation with sky vector. But the ATC freq. Ar all not working in the sim…

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I switched to Pilot2ATC for now.

It’s like they updated FSX to MFS with all the graphics, physics, and weather, but every system except these (ATC, instruments, planes, airports) have been kept the same… :frowning:

Ya know, if they had just copied over FSXs ATC I’d have been happier.

Check LKKM airport frequency. In reality it is 122,205 and in MSFS it is 122,900 but this frequency was never used on this airport. Never. reported but still not repaired.

I haven’t checked this, myself, but yes, I would like to fly with real-world charts and not have to worry if the frequencies are the same.

I’m pretty sure that this will come one day when MS will come up with real charts in the sim. It’s on there backlog and if they dont use the real frequencies, we will get MS created charts with the (right) game freuquencies.

All, I don’t fly in Europe, but so far in states up to now, all frequencies are correct. I get my IFR/Approach Plates from Sky vector and have not had one bad one either. Last fall did FSX flight in Virtavia C-17 from Kabul, to Jackson, MS, did not have one wrong freq in that either, but some of the airports had changed, in real life. Wonder if this has been fixed yet since OP was back last year.

MS Flight Simulator uses real world communication and navigation information.

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